The purchase of the sofa bed rail

The sofa bed can be used as "secondary bed" for the guests or, as is currently the case, as the main bed that occupying little space in the house performs the double function of the bed and sofa.

THE sofa beds Today we find them everywhere: there are specialized shops (store of sofas or furniture factories) as well as in department stores where finds a department dedicated to furniture, sofas and furnishings (see Ikea or Mercatone Uno).
Even online you have the option to buy the sofa bed at favorable prices.

Let's start by saying that modern and contemporary sofa beds They are very different for forms, comfort and design than those that were produced years ago; In fact, past models were unattractive from the point of view of style and comfort, and you could tell at first glance that it was a sofa with under a bed, in fact, the structure involved a very boxy, stiff and the choice was limited to a few specimens inter alia expensive.

Often the choice of model was mandatory if you opted for a sofa bed included and there was the opportunity to customize the product with materials and fabrics.

The sofa beds which are marketed today are very different, they introduce themselves look nice, furnish with blending into style in the living context in which they are located,  They are cheaper (Because they are no longer a niche product just requested but instead are highly sought after by consumers) and are definitely comfortable and all this thanks to modern technology applied in the production which can obtain useful sofas, little bulky and full of comfort, suitable for the most diverse and varied needs.

The type of sofa beds are countless and finding the right one can seem like a difficult task. With this guide we try to shed light on the various types explaining the main features.

In the act of buying a sofa bed do not drive impulse and looking purely aesthetic, but reasoned on several aspects. first you know in advance where to place your sofa bed, some prefer the living area and the main endeavor as a sofa and use it occasionally to accommodate friends and relatives to the occasion.

In this case the search must serve on a sofa bed that goes well with the rest of the furniture and the room size. Others place it in a bedroom / study room used the function to welcome guests, so I very rarely use both as a sofa and as a bed (in this case you can bet on a small model also to a square and a half, from the shape simple and inexpensive coating).

In some situations, very widespread today, among other things, the sofa bed is the main bed! In fact, with small apartments if you are in the house more than one you do not always have a second darling or you prefer to give up the bedroom to have a living area and a bigger kitchen. So you just have to create a bed corner in the living room making the most of the potential that offers a sofa bed. During the day it will be used as a sofa to watch TV or to host friends, the evening opens conveniently to rest.

Another aspect to consider is the type of opening mechanism thing that differs significantly from the other a model and the type of encumbrance that the bed will have once opened.

The sofa beds are available in different sizes: single, a square and a half, double. Based on this distinction it should be considered that a sofa bed will have a small footprint at its opening and a double bed will be almost twice the width. So take good measures before deciding and note the size of the sofa and closed than when opened, just so you will eliminate any surprises once you open it in your home!

the purchase of the sofa bed rail
The sofa beds have different method of opening: the most classic is that which provides the underlying network the sofa closed again in 3 parts and is constituted by a metal net and wooden slats (modern ones are all with wooden slats) on which a very thin mattress is supported. The entire structure is placed within the structure of the sofa and is evacuated each time raising the seat cushions. This model, being inspired in early sleeper sofa models, has a great comfort during the meeting.

Then there is'opening accordion which consists in composing the bed by sliding the seat of the sofa forward by creating extensions. A solution used much on the sofas with clean lines but contemporary.

Finally, there are sofa beds with book opening and drawer opening; the first do not hide under the bed but merely create lowering armrests and backs, they are very quick to open but quite cumbersome, while the second type has a foldaway bed under the net of the sofa and you pull out if necessary.

Good advice for all types of sofa beds is this: always choose quality products (they will last longer over time), opt easily washable fabrics, boater orthopedic mattresses.