The blackboard paint, so many ideas to use at home

Ideal if you have an artistic soul, if you want to give space to the imagination of your children and if you have the best recipes always at hand, right there, written on the wall of your kitchen!
What could be better than a wall on which to write everything and then delete freely without having to redecorate? The blackboard painting DIY is what you are looking for and the great thing is that you do not need to return girls to lust!

Suitable for any type of environment, the board painting by a charming touch to the room and allows you to implement any kind of "artistic work" or leave messages the rest of the family. Also on the market it is also present the magnetic board painting (One of the most famous brands is Jumpo Paint) That makes the walls are suitable not only to design but also to apply over any type of magnet. Your refrigerator will finally be free of the magnets collected while traveling!

Do you think that black do not you match your décor or lessen environments? No problem! For those who want a touch of originality that you can find the blackboard painting in different colors: Yellow, red, blue, green, white and many more. Could not resist!
If taken by the enthusiasm you have purchased a blackboard paint can, but do not know how to use it, let us see some ideas for an excellent application.

In the kitchen

  • painted the wall in front of your stove. The best recipes are always at hand!
  • The usual ticket expenditure seems trivial? Transformed into the whiteboard the pantry doors to clip out as things that are missing
  • The blackboard paint, so many ideas to use at home
  • You are really very artistic and like to dare? Why not paint the entire refrigerant? Besides giving him a touch of originality you feel like you have at home a new appliance!

in the living room

  • If black dwarfs too your rooms choose a whiteboard paint or colored, and transformed with originality an entire wall of the living room, maybe the one behind the couch to clip out the films in the program!
  • Your husband often forget appointments? Near the table where rests the keys transformed a part of the wall with blackboard paint and pinned with imagination all your commitments
  • Love leave messages to friends who come to dinner or to the whole family? Why not paint an end wall next to the dining table?


  • To give originality to your room paint with chalkboard paint the wall opposite the bed or the head of the bed! Chalkboard paint is easily applied on the wood
  • If you prefer something more sober turned into the board only the inside of the door. You can leave any kind of messages of love to your partner

For children

  • To unleash the imagination of your children turns walls of the small room with chalkboard paint or dedicating them a special space on the wall of the veranda to enjoy the outdoors in fine weather
  • Get a small wooden table and turn it into a blackboard on which your child can draw, write and erase and then start again!

Photo Credits: and Jumbo Paint