Match color kitchen

Match color kitchen
An excellent starting point from which to be inspired always remains the architectural style of the house.

What is the trend of your furniture? There is style you choose for your home? When you are choosing the colors to be used for 'interior of the house, and particularly the kitchen, not enough to consider the brightness and size of your estate, the colors are matched between different environments, furniture and accessories in general in order to create a coherent atmosphere.

3 colors

The kitchen is one of the more complicated areas of the house to furnish. The choice of the color of the kitchen is often the case after the choice of style, in this case, can help establish a range of 3 colors:

  1. leading color, it consists of the actual furnishings furniture
  2. color co-star, the floor
  3. worktop

The choice of colors in the kitchen is very personal, but tend to get tight on natural tones, white or colored.

In the first case, the palette uses shades of the earth, full of yellow, and finishes such as natural tile, wood and metal. In the second case, where predominantly white, the choice will be marked by aesthetic qualities such as refinement and minimalism. You can add other colors to highlight details such as the floor, in the back, in the tiles and also in accessories. In the latter case, if you choose colored compositions, whatever the combination of colors you will have a stimulating and modern solution.

how to choose them

The kitchen furnishing color is important:

1) Red: Is a suitable color to heat the rooms a bit 'cold;

2) Yellow and orange: Warm colors are perfect for the kitchen. The advice is to break them with aluminum accessories wrought iron;

3) Blue: it is a very elegant color that can be inserted in the kitchen with all its nuances in blue to have a relaxing and calming effect.

4) Green: Promotes focus and concentration.

The color wheel

Further help you select colors to be combined in the kitchen is to rely on the color wheel. For example with a combination of complementary colors (opposite on the wheel) as the red and the blue, the room will be very challenging, while choosing analogs (neighbors on the wheel), such as yellow is green or blue is Violet, you'll get a more casual and more relaxed.

Another factor not to be underestimated are the shades that should draw to the outside world: the darker shade will be assigned to the floor, medium shades to the color of the walls and / or the kitchen cabinets and light shades to the color of the ceiling.