Knitting: Christmas ideas

works at Christmas sweater

The Christmas It is undoubtedly the feast of heat and softness: to create the right atmosphere there is nothing more effective than making knitting on the subject, which allietino and warm up friends and relatives. Sweaters, scarves and woolen accessories are unique gifts, made to those who receive them, and will help to concretely enhance the festive atmosphere.

decoration knitted per cup
Ideas for soft gifts

A gift is always appreciated a good scarf, maybe it made with a thick yarn and hot, mixed wool, alpaca or mohair. Okay even simple stockinette stitch, with application of simple fringes. A glamorous and unisex idea is a soft collar to put on the head, which can be worked with double-pointed needles or circular and requires little time. To add a Nordic twist you can perform alternating braids to stockinette stitch or continuous. For this version of the scarf smart enough to know the forehands, backhands, working in circles, and the interweaving with a cable needle, as well as startup and shutdown. I feel the cold will be very happy to receive a few knitted stockings, that they serve only the knife and wool rather large. The main processing is the rib, but the part of the foot requires an average skill. Who is also skilled with crochet can create comfortable wool slippers or cover cup very elegant and chic for brunch breakfast.

Decorations with Finger Knitting

Working mesh without needles is possible with the finger knitting. With your fingers intertwine the wires for decorations and small objects to do even with kids. On the web there are many tutorial on the subject, and to start you must have the fingers, yarn and lots of imagination. One hand acts as a frame, while the other weaves according simple techniques that mimic the effect of the traditional shirt. With the finger knitting can be made so many knitting of contained dimensions, as potholders, decorations to apply to barrettes hair clips is headbands, necklaces is flowers reminiscent of the dell'uncinetto effect.

original decorations with the tricot effect

THE'Christmas tree It is more beautiful when decorated in an original way: for fans of the irons a good alternative to the classical balls can be a Christmas look tricot, which also lets you recycle balls advanced and remains of previous work. You can perform many small sweaters Miniature Christmas theme or small saplings to beautify the branches. For lovers of classic it is also possible to pack Christmas balls knitted with a really unusual effect, especially if the wool blend silver or gold wire. The necessary processes are the right and the circular, but you have to know how to make even decreases and the mesh increases. Around the house, the doors and handles can be hung wreaths formed by small leaves made with the knife and sewn together to convey a great sense of warmth and affection. These are only small suggestions, but the range of works in Christmas sweater it really is infinite, because it depends on the imagination and love for the people with whom we will spend Christmas. The skill .... It will come by itself!