How to wash silk

How to wash silk 01

Exclusively by hand: this is the very first rule to follow when we are going to wash a head silk, the most delicate and fragile natural fiber ever. But at least a silk garment in our wardrobe there must be, and then it will come sooner or later the fateful moment to wash it. So here's what to do to not ruin it and keep it beautiful.

The rules to follow

The silk items should be washed in cold water to avoid the risk of damaging them, using a mild neutral detergent possible specific for this type of fabric. First we have to melt out the detergent in the water, and then immerse the garment to wash which should not be wrinkled. After a quick wash, change the water and let's use always clean cold of the other in which we pour a little ' white vinegar (One tablespoon for every two liters of water) that has the power to revive the silk. Risciacquiamo his head and stendiamolo on a hanger, possibly backward, away from heat sources and in the shade.

How to wash silk 02

Machine wash

The silk garments can be machine washed using ad hoc program and making sure to store them in a white pillow without spinning.