How to read the labels of the clothes?

As you read the labels of the clothes?
As you read the labels of the clothes?

Clothes that constrict or get ruined after a wrong washing? The care of our clothing is not possible without a careful reading of labels. And recognize the symbols is important to submit the right clothes washing and drying.

As you read the labels of the clothes?

The symbols that are on the labels of the clothes relate to the laundering, bleaching, ironing, dry cleaning and drying, and because of this most of the time they are 5. If our boss is formed from multiple tissues, we find the specifications for every tissue, in this case, we resort to the care that requires us to more delicate.


hand wash

If we find this symbol our boss should be washed only by hand, rinsed and squeezed gently.

washing machine

This symbol means that we can wash the garment in washing machine, the stated maximum temperature.

washing hyphens
The dashes under the symbol indicate the speed that we can use in the washing machine: normal (program for cotton items) if there is no indent average (program for synthetics) if there is one, minimum (program woolen garments) if there are two.


Our boss can bleach.

no bleaching
Our boss you can not bleach.


If we can find this symbol on the label iron our head with the iron: cold, warm or hot, depending on the dots that are in the symbol, 1, 2 or 3.

no ironing
Prohibited ironed if we find this symbol on the label, or we risk ruining the dress.

Dry wash

Dry Cleaning
If you find this symbol on the label, well dry cleaning with all solvents in use.

Dry f
This symbol indicates that for dry cleaning should only be used hydrocarbons and trifluoro-trichloroethane.

Dry Cleaning p
Yes to dry cleaning with perchlorethylene, chlorinated solvents and mineral essences.

Dry p indent
The indent underneath indicates limitation of addition of water and restrictions to mechanical action and temperature.


This symbol indicates that we can put the head in the dryer.

no dryer
This symbol indicates that the head should not be put in the dryer.