How to organize a children’s bedroom

It is not always easy to deal with the furnishing of the room meant the children, whether they are small that school age.
In principle, a room that is intended to accommodate small children should have the bare minimum: a bed, a wardrobe with drawers, any changing table and then so much space to allow the small to safely move.
Very popular is the idea of ​​making a room suitable for children, mignon with beds and closets idem, certainly look nice and colorful but intended to be changed by a few years because they no longer fit to meet the needs of the child.
Today then that modern houses are more and more small and with limited space it is best to think of buying a room which then over time you can transform according to different stages of growth of the child and where the furniture is used in multiple ways to reduce ' footprint.

The room up to 6 years

In the early years of life up to 6 years a comfortable room that is suitable to sleep as the game can be structured in a simple and neutral colors and then color with accessories that are exchangeable over time: a colorful soft carpet and non-allergenic and non-toxic , a patterned bedspread, bench to store toys smaller than with pillows over can become a chair, a bookcase or shelves to group the books of fairy tales. Via also free to colorful lamp shade or depicting cartoon characters and so many colored boxes of various sizes where to keep over time the games that you no longer use. Very useful and practical it is also multi-pocket bags to hang on the wall or behind the door to store stuffed animals, dolls or toy cars! Are fabric containers, easy to clean and reuse over time to other uses, as well as bags with window - where you can see the contents and everything is within reach - also very simple to make at home with the colorful cloth . To store your clothes instead of clothes hangers are very useful to put it behind the door in sight ... as long as required in order!
Today's rooms are well designed also with binder ideas to be put directly under the bed: it is true drawers with wheels that may be easily removed, they are very capacious and inside you can put pretty much everything, not only the games but also the bedding and sheets.
A large wardrobe and chest of drawers with integrated maximizes space for clothes and keeps order in the chamber.
Ideally, when both have children it is to think of buying a quality furniture and long-lasting, it is safe and that it is transformable according to various ages.

How to organize a children's bedroom

The room after 6 years

After six years with the beginning of the school it makes it necessary to insert in the chamber one desk with drawers so as to allow the child to get used to doing homework or reading a book in an intimate and cozy space that reconciles his attention on the study. If space is short you can opt for one desk with sliding shelf to store notebooks, pencil cases and books!
As for the type of furniture you can keep the neutral tones of the base of the furniture and you can play with more decorative elements on the walls as posters, paintings, works done by the same child, photos, collages and anything that can be traced back to his world family and creative. Nice idea to frame them in nice colored display cases.

The gaming area is always tidy and always should be placed in these boxes or trunks to leave more room for movement.
With the arrival of the school the child and then teenager needs more space for books and school supplies so it's a nice idea to organize the study room / tv / pc with shelves, wall console and capacious libraries which help to keep always free the central space of the room keeping order and on hand the essentials.