How to decorate the bedroom

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Design an environment and make it according to the real needs of its inhabitants is not an easy thing. Even less so when we deal with the specter of all parents struggling with the renovation of the house: bedroom, which by definition has as "users" subjects such as children and young people whose needs, whose life and whose space organization is continued growth, evolution and mutation. That's why the design of a room, the choice of materials and its structure is a sensitive issue, which should not be dealt with only on the basis of "current" needs and quotas but also thinking in perspective. Fortunately, the ideas and solutions to this challenge out there, and they can meet any need emerges: and that is to make order in this "sea" of possibilities that we propose a quick trip into the logic and criteria that it should take in the approach to the design of a small bedroom. It seems difficult, but it is not the end: guided by common sense and by some small measure, we will extricate ourselves among the various available solutions. Here's a rundown.

Projects bedrooms and criteria: space available, occupants, age

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It is not difficult to guess how the concept of "room" is actually very broad. In fact, it will contain very different environments with target absolutely specific, and not antithetical uniformabili. Some factors are those from which inevitably Starting to make a choice. Will, trivial, forgive us, but we can not not take into account. The first aspect is obviously tied at the age of future occupants. The room of a small child, or even an infant, has inevitably needs of practicality, space, comfort, very different than those of an older boy. Another fundamental element is associated with "Number" of the occupants. The solution for children rooms to "multiple" places of course requires precautions and very different ideas than those in single bed, maybe introducing elements like the beds "a" or "bridge bunk" or with a wall system. It's not even indifferent sexIf in young children, where the needs of males and females are on the whole similar, the difference can be mainly linked to a decorative choice, to as they age grows increase the peculiarities and divergent needs, interests, activities, and, with them, the organizational needs of the room. Finally, all of these factors - age, gender, number and needs - must naturally "to mop" with available spaces, ranging exploited in absolutely rational manner, especially if limited. It would be useful to try to speculate the various "activities" of the child / teenager and dedicate a part of the room to each of them, in order to arrange the spaces at best: sleep, game, the clothes, I study. On rational aspects sketched above, then you put the aesthetic sense and decoration, key touch is capable of making "only" every solution.

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Bedrooms for small children

Then in general, the realization project stems from the needs and actual circumstances related to the bedroom, where the "owner" of the same is a little child, few simple steps help us to orient ourselves among the absolutely boundless number of available solutions, all very appealing from an aesthetic views, but maybe - even for legitimate inexperience in the field - let us more perplexed as to solidity. For smaller environmental choice in which to grow a remarkable importance and in it the practicality and especially, the ability to "evolve" the space with the changing needs of the child, it is essential to be able to follow the growth; for this purpose, it is useful to provide arrangements and "completions" practical that does not force us to overturn, resulting in expenses, the room structure.

If the child is small, the first choice is that of the cot, it must be safe, equipped with banks that allow the small, once able to "stand on end" standing leveraging them to do so without the risk of falling. The bed should be positioned in a "free" space and easily accessible, if possible from each side, without too much furniture around and above all without shelves positioned above it. These objects, as well as make it less practical "management" of the room, up to the resourceful child who gradually learns to climb dangerous footholds that can cause him problems. Finally, it is useful to keep in mind that rounded corners They are much preferable to the traditional ones and that curtains and carpets can be receptacles of dust and mites, causing, perhaps, allergies in children. It is useful then use them sparingly and keep them as clean as possible.

Growing up with little room

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Children grow up and become teenagers. IS the law of life. And with them even the children's rooms grow in obedience to new needs and attitudes. One that in the first phase of their lives must recognize as a "practical" space and "safe" to rest, becomes gradually the environment through which to discover the world, get creative and learn fun things. The bedroom becomes place "lived" where spaces must allow self-discovery and roles, of others and of things. It must then fill with objects and "corners" that stimulate children, such as for example a mirror or a space under the desk to be exploited with imagination. Handles, roof, decorations and colors They must be made to encourage them, to know and manipulate. And as they grow and become large, the room must be less and less expression of parental taste and always more than that of boys therefore must be involved, made the choice to participate, and why not, listened to their requests and needs. It is an important step and also educational. In this phase become important the desk, with the chair and possibly a drawers, if space allows a library or, at the limit, of the shelves where the books that over time can be stowed They will accumulate relentlessly on the walls. Of course greater at this stage is the difference between boys and girls: if the first, in general, do not particularly like the frills and are quite essential, the latter instead prefer a more romantic style and sophistication in a modern and well above details. the decoration also assumes in this second case a much higher importance and deserves special attention.

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