How to clean the oven


Valuable ally for our best culinary creations, the oven puts us to the test when it comes time to clean it thoroughly. Let's see some advice of her grandmother, and clean the oven will be a walk ... almost.

It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it

Cleaning the oven: the advice of his grandmother
Cleaning the oven: the advice of his grandmother
The first recommendation is - although it is probably one of the most strenuous activities to do in the kitchen - cleaning the oven regularly: To prevent the dirt sticks and "incattivisca": once a week or every two weeks, depending on how we use it and especially if we cook high-fat foods.

chemical or natural products?

Alongside the products on the market, to be used by following the instructions carefully - they are still chemicals, and we must avoid contaminating the foods we cook - there are quite traditional but effective remedies: natural products and detergents DIY.

The advice of the grandmother: salt, lemon, baking soda and vinegar

Here are our four best friends when it comes to cleaning the oven, be combined and used depending on the level of dirt present. And not until you have removed all the moving parts to clean with water and detergent. How to use them?

For a basic cleaning rub directly on the oven walls Cut a lemon in half: We get a mild degreasing. Even a mixture of water, vinegar and salt is suitable for a delicate action.

Salt: a' src=
Salt: a weapon for cleaning the oven

For dirt-standing, we melt a little ' vinegar in water warm and clean it with a cloth and you will see, it will be more effective than many chemicals. Same thing with water and baking soda.

But if we want to have no pity for the dirt that no longer shine our oven, mix water, baking soda and salt until obtaining a kind of paste, good texture. Then we distribute on the walls with the help of a damp cloth, rubbing where necessary, and allow him to act an hour, then rinse well. We shall be amazed what we have achieved with our abrasive power compound!

Two final tips

Finally, here are two other tricks to clean the oven:

  • Lemon: to degrease and perfume
    Lemon: to degrease and perfume
    Let us help with the temperature. If after applying a natural cleanser we heat the oven to a hundred degrees we will strengthen the degreasing properties.
  • Profumiamo the oven. Bake one or two squeezed lemons means or their juice - 10 to 30 minutes - not only make it easier to clean with a sponge, but the oven will give a pleasant scent.

So, clean the oven can not be a nightmare. By the way, it did not come already want to make a cake?