How to choose the oven

how to choose the oven

For those who move into a new home to find the furniture and the right appliances can be a challenging task to tackle.
Choose a refrigerator is not difficult, just know how much food we want to contain and how much consumption ... the same thing, however, can not be said for the other kitchen appliances that are super-equipped according to the type of dishes that will cook.

There Choosing an oven, for those who do not intend to appliances and is used to cook a little, it may be difficult because they do not know the main features, the differences between the various types available on the market, and why we never think of the use which we will do.

For this before buying it would be important to ask the following:

  • How often I will use the oven?
  • It will only serve to heat and thaw?
  • How many people will have to feed the baked dishes?
  • I prepare many sweets and panificati?
  • How much space do I have in the kitchen to use it comfortably?

If you can answer these questions, it will not be a problem, go to the mall. Even a thousand appliances, you will find the most suitable for your home and your cooking habits.

It 'obvious that for a oldster living alone will be sufficient oven warmers to revive the croissants for breakfast or meals already cooked before; while for the single It will do a small oven. Some have the same characteristics of those large and can be used with a normal electric oven. It 'a little' hard to find trays that have the right size, but allow to prepare either cakes, roasts or pizzas that taste great.

A young couple in a modern kitchen yet to accessorize, can opt for a column oven or single piece with the hob. Those in the column are very comfortable as being positioned to stove height you make it easier to use.
If the kitchen is devoid of the oven we could resort to an electric furnace to be placed on counters or shelves. The electric furnaces generally have the following basic functions:

  • Timer with Sleep
  • Knob to the temperature
  • grill cooking
  • static firing
  • ventilated cooking

Differences between the static oven function and convection oven

The oven can be static or ventilated. While the static oven radiates heat only through two resistors (one located in the lower part, the other in the top) the convection oven, in addition to the two resistors of the static oven, it uses a fan that distributes the heat making the temperature uniform at every point of the furnace.

In the oven ventilated cooking is faster but the foods are disproportionately dehydrate. The particularity is to give crunchiness and softness out of the stuffing, it is recommended to cook in a convection oven lasagna, biscuits, potatoes, bags of sea and rich stews seasoning.
The static oven It is more indicated for cooking cakes, pizzas, panificati or recipes involving the use of the yeast, as cook more slowly.

For proper hygiene, follow all our tips on How to clean the oven!