House: how to decorate? The 5 golden tips

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To decorate the living room are perfect sofa with chaise-longue and a mobile low-tv.

For furnish a new house you have to follow some simple rules, which apply to both large and spacious apartments and for those smaller, because in fact the case is not important but the magnitude of the choice 'more practical furnishings, that will make your loved ones more livable and comfortable.

So if you are struggling with the decor of your new home, or want to renovate that old, do not be afraid and follow our 5 tips to make your stay truly unique apartment.

Lesson No. 1: Light and Color

That your house is big or small, the important thing is study sun exposure to understand what are the rooms brighter and darker ones.

This step is important for the choice of furniture and colors, that in case of a dark environment will help to make it brighter.

For colors, our advice is to opt for light shades and pastel, such as white, cream and taupe because they give more light, giving even greater amplitude.

If you love the most heated nuance you can opt for a touch of intense color, provided that incorporates all its furnishings; for example, if your sofa in the living room is red you can paint one wall of the same color, so give a touch glamorous the room, creating a strong impact of colors.

Lesson No. 2: decorate the entrance and the living room

A house starts from 'entrance and although many do not consider it a fundamental environment, it is the first thing you see upon entering, so too must be furnished with taste and in a functional way to make it as comfortable as possible.

Our advice is to furnish it in minimal and essential, to avoid creating a claustrophobic effect; why opt for a coat hanger and a small cabinet useful for storing keys and cell phones.

In addition, the entrance you can also put one mirror wall which creates depth, giving greater scope to the room.

For what concern living room the first thing you choose a nice sofa.

If you have enough space you are fantastic i sofas with chaise-longue to fill with soft cushions, but if your living room is small, there are many solutions design; the important thing is to choose a sofa bed that will come in handy in the event of guests.

Another key element for living is the mobile TV: Better to choose a base model with doors and drawers, the ideal solution to fix not only the television but also on the stereo, and thus create a small corner of technological, functional and practical.

Lesson No. 3: furnish the kitchen

There kitchen It is the most important room in the house and that's why the furniture in this room must be completely practical.

Our advice is to take advantage of all the spaces and to develop the height furniture, so yes to shelves with doors and shelves.

Another key element in the kitchen is the work plan to be positioned between the sink and the stove; this will allow you to cook in an orderly manner and without soil.

Tip 4: furnishing the bathroom

For the bathroom choose a modern furnitures and, above all, the soft colors: this room must be one of the brightest.

Our advice is to choose the white is for the walls and for the furniture, which should be short and easy to reach.

Place under the sink a cabinet with doors and over a mirror with spotlights; if you have more space available, you can insert a piece of furniture, which is height-developments, where to put towels so you will always be at hand.

Lesson No. 5: decorate the bedroom

There bedroom It will be convenient and comfortable.

Opt for a large bed, maybe with container, that will be useful for the change of seasons, a large closet, possibly with mirror and drawers inside and nightstands to store the essential.

For the bedroom, choose the soft colors that give light and breadth, creating a very relaxing and comfortable environment.