Decorate the house with stencils

stencil art

When spring is knocking at the door, you know, is accompanied by a renewed energy of the early sun on the skin and a deep sense of inadequacy: the legs are still too white to be displayed, the wardrobe seems unmanned, the hair is never were so unruly, the shoes have become instruments of torture ...

Even the house, our winter nest, claiming a change, new colors that represent us, new combinations of spaces and ideas for the time, and if the time of sociability.

It's time to change your look, to find new solutions to rediscover themselves and present the world in a new light! To say it looks easy, but your wallet is not always agree with our whims and even the weather is not on our side: we need a emergency, quick and cheap.

Here is a checklist to give new life to our home with stencils.

Wall stencil

The stencil is nothing other than a mask (a cut-out on a card) on which the color is spread with a brush or spray, paint for walls and other media in series and reproduce the same design. On the net there are many tutorials to follow to achieve a good mask and also stock of already drawn shapes with download free. For more complex projects, but above all, for readers less able to fto-it-yourself, is better to start purchasing prepackaged stencils (few), or adhesive designs (example: 1/2).

Decorate the house with the stencils 01
Composite byAC - IMMG from cuttingedgestencils

Here are eight rules to use stencils  in the present and not get lost in the countless market possibilities proposals so:

1. The free space

To begin choose a portion of a wall that seems unguarded. The decoration must have space around itself to avoid a ridonante effect: you start with a setting and do not impose the décor in every room, so valorizzerete drawing and your house does not look like a wedding favor.

Decorate the house with the stencils 02
Composite byAC - immgs from troveline

2. More movement with asymmetry

Decorate the house with the stencils 03
composite byAC

If you use the back of the bed or the couch, try have the decorum asymmetrically, the space will be increased and more articulate. Contaminated spaces: a decoration on the wall can reach the ceiling (attention: only if the environment is bright and the walls are very high).

3. The details in the space of passage

Decorate the house with the stencils 04
Composite byAC - immgs from designmag

The decoration does not necessarily make you the center of the house, often the most effective actions concern less noble environments, as the entrance or stairs. These service areas, we often forget, can find a new position through a small creative idea. Enhancing it, we will look our bigger house and more attention to detail.

 4- For those with a colored wall

Decorate the house with the stencils 05
Composite byAC - immgs from designmag

The idea easier and more effective for those who already have a colored wall is to choose a decoration Tone- on - tone. The white decoration on a dark wall will give new light to a classroom environment.

 5. A new horizon

Decorate the house with the stencils 06
Composite byAC - immgs from katrinaleechambers

A new trend is to represent one skyline with delicate colors: Dividing the wall in soft shades will open the prospects of the domestic space.

6. A picture without a frame

Decorate the house with the stencils 07
composite by AC- IMMG from designmag

Often a small detail generate more sense of an elaborate decoration on any wall. The stencil can be thought of as a framework, with the freedom to get out of the frame boundaries.

 7. A frame with no picture

Decorate the house with the stencils 08
Composite by AC - IMMG from designinspiration.typepad

Many adhesive frames proposed by the market, often more impact if left empty, as decoration. Another creative idea is to use an old wooden frame bring out the decor on the part.

8. The house is not one showroom

Decorate the house with the stencils 09
Composite by AC - IMMG from katrinaleechambers and designinspiration.typepad

Do not make the mistake of wanting to decorate your nest like a store. Let groped by lines and colors only decided if you are really able to control the chaos.