Decorate the house with mirrors

Useful, and more. The mirrors, if well chosen, they are able to enhance the 'furnishings, minimize or hide flaws, give greater brightness to the rooms. And above all, they are a fun way - and if you want even cheaper - to give a personal touch at home. minimal design, retro, shabby chic or irony, which is the mirror for you?

Mirrors in the living room and entrance

Entrance or living room, the mirror has a function Decorative that practice. That's why these are the rooms in which more is granted. And not that it's all vanity, indeed! A mirror to wall well located is able to give real spells, as to brightness, filling - Thanks to his reflexes - the decor too empty or neutral spaces, and even expansion of confined spaces.

As regards the choice, coniughiamola with our decor, or decided but studied opposition: a day frames or visible, colored or natural wood, square shapes, rounded corners or rounded and oval. We can play even with the surface: smooth, multifaceted or printed?

Bedroom: the mirror-jewelry

You are always undecided until the last of how to dress? Place in the bedroom one full length mirror ... it will help you to keep you still more in evidence and costume changes. And a very interesting solution, as well as beautiful to look at, is to mirror that doubles as a jewelry, and it solves even the problem of last-minute matches.

bathroom mirrors

Decorate the house with mirrors

In bathroom the mirror is, say, a must. But the practical necessity may well marry the aesthetic taste: cabinets with mirrors, mirrors with shelves and others utility they also know how to customize one of the traditionally more neutral rooms of the house.

funny mirrors

Finally, why not play a little 'with mirrors? The design of the last years there gives examples witty and fun. From what imitates the form and surface of the Moon, to those that mimic the shapes of the face of man and woman, until the adhesive mirror that takes us into the Wonderland and to the one that repeats every day As we are beautiful. And we are, a lot.