Christmas candles DIY

Christmas candles DIY. Simple and quick to give a magical house

In the best Nordic tradition candles I am a must have for the Christmas period. Scented, decorative, to be used as a table centerpiece or lighting small decorated caves, for a really wonderful touch.

Christmas candles create an intimate atmosphere, but above all the magic that makes Christmas even more special large and small. That's why learning how to implement them at home with a few little secret DIY can be an excellent opportunity to involve children in the decorations of their most anticipated party.
Let's see some examples of fast Christmas candles and easy to make, but still impressive!

Christmas candles DIY 01
Candles Cinnamon

To achieve simple candles that spill all over the house the characteristic scent of cinnamon will only need a few simple "ingredients":

  • a glass jar
  • a white candle
  • some cinnamon stick
  • a piece of jute cloth and a bit 'of string

Insert the candle into the jar with hot glue down the cinnamon sticks over the entire circumference of glass to cover the whole surface.
Once fixed size cinnamon a thin strip of jute and surrounds all by lining sticks so the jar externally.
Fixed with jute twine and close everything with a nice bow.
Once lit the candle, the heat will warm cinnamon sticks then will emit a good fragrance throughout the house.
Repeat this for all the candles you want to achieve. This type of setting is also perfect as Christmas placeholder!

Christmas candles
Idea really pretty to adorn and perfume your Christmas
orange candles

Another wonderful way to perfume the house during the Christmas period is to create many small orange candles!
Realize it's really very simple, you just need to have handy:

  • a box of oranges (or even just one, a lot depends on how much you want to carry candles)
  • a small portioner (the object with which in summer writing the balls of ice cream)
  • some color and some prefer candle wicks small
  • a bag of cloves

When ready all the necessary cut a small slice of orange as if you were to "uncover it" (just as you do with pumpkins for Halloween!); with a scoop remove all the pulp and tries to dry the inside with a paper towel as possible. At this point you can choose to wait a few days to make sure that your orange lose a bit 'of its moisture (place it in the sun) or you can dry it in the oven at 50 ° for five / ten minutes.

Remove the orange from the oven and leave to cool in the meantime melt in a saucepan candles and prepare the wick of the right length. Place the wick inside the orange and you pour the melted wax to fill up almost all the fruit.
Allowed to solidify for at least a day and then decorate your candle with the cloves: just implanting in the skin and follow their own design to get some really fabulous decorations!