Charging the coffee capsules

Charging the coffee capsules 01
Charging the coffee capsules

now the coffee makers espresso are present in (almost) all the houses where they have largely replaced the classicissima moka. It will be the immediacy, the feeling will be to have coffee at the bar, or because the market today there are many variations that do just about anything, from classic espresso, latte to get to, creamy cappuccino and flavored teas. Obviously there is need fateful capsules that, in addition to cost, also represent a form of environmental pollution since they are single-dose and for every coffee you have to throw them away after use, and we know the impact that plastic and aluminum can have on the environment.

But you can recycle capsules now emptied of their content and to reuse them with the classic coffee powder which is used in the machine? Sure! Let's see how you do!

How to charge the coffee capsules
How do

First thing to do is take the used capsule and open the upper part using scissors or simply a kitchen knife. Once open laviamola for good after it has been emptied of all its contents and asciughiamola. At this point we take the coffee powder and we fill the wafer to the brim helping with a spoon; we press but not too much.

We take the right amount of foil and we cover the wafer making aluminum adhere perfectly to the edges. At this point we are ready to make another coffee with recycled capsule. It will be good? This, of course, depends on personal taste. But of course in this way we help the environment but also to our pockets whereas the most famous brands waffles They have a cost that is around 30/40 cents each. It takes only a little 'time and patience.

refillable capsules

You are impractical and you're afraid of not being able to realize the capsules at home? Do not worry - there are on the market also very practical refillable capsules with an opening system that does not need tin foil. Of course we must seek those compatible with our machine for espresso, but the savings are assured. All the work, therefore, for the sake of the environment and of our portfolio!