Bedrooms bridge: ideas to realize them

The perennial search of the space and the presence of more "siblings" in the same bedroom, It makes interesting at the time of designing the option which involves the use of a bridge structure, evolution of what was once more commonly called "bunk bed". Today, wall units and beds with bridge structure, are one of the most common options for the optimization of space in the bedroom. Again there will be spoiled for choice, given the many solutions on the market with prices and different qualities. Let's see some proposals, just to tickle your fancy ...

The concept "Multispace" Zalf

Zalf, Treviso company with forty years of history behind it, pays great attention to the design of solutions for the spaces dedicated to children and teenagers, especially the bedrooms. On this issue, Zalf offers two "Families" of solutions, inspired by the attention to design combined with search solidity and quality which a "put to the test environment" as the bedroom can not do without. Self Free pattern is a design concept geared to the management of the children's rooms "on the ground", the series MPV instead it proposes a range of modular elements in the name of transversality and flexibility able to rationalize even the most restricted spaces. The finishes are available in many colors and basic elements are accompanied by furnishings in keeping with the sober and functional style of the solution.

Bunky: the modular polyethylene in MagisDesign

Let's stay with Veneto Magis, company Trezze bridge, in the province of Venice, it founded in 1976 and spearhead of the Italian design in the world focused especially on tables, chairs and furnishings. As part of collection "Fuoritema" Meetoo, Magis, however, offers an original bed in printed polyethylene castle and characterized by only three basic elements totally modular. Bunky, designed by Marc Newson, it is realized with the technique of rotational molding, that allow the production of large hollow objects of plastic material. Available in blue or orange, combines modernity and simplicity of the lines to the strength of the material and practicality: easy to clean no any corners and ensures comfort and safety, as well as the ability to easily add a new bed with the addition of the missing modules.

The Brianza solution: Tom and Jerry Erbamobili

Bedrooms bridge: ideas to realize them

Erbamobili Mariano Comense in the heart of Brianza, the furniture district of Lombardy, recently rescheduled its production as part of the collection FreeStyle, a core of over 6000 different ranging from libraries, the single beds to those in the castle, wardrobes, columns and perfectly modular plans with each other that they have in melamine its main component, capable of giving strength and practicality as well as to allow a wide range of different colors. There vision which underlies the concept is the Total freedom of design and construction, so as to adapt to all needs and environments. Particularly compelling solutions that provide the bridge or the bunk bed to the maximum rationalization of space service.

Lo Country style Callesella

We close our series of requests, which we hope will incuriosiscano pushing you to further research, with a Digression in country style, with an original proposal of a loft bed in pine wood is available in a transparent version tinted, opaque or talc. It is a proposal for a Callesella, specialist in the classic signature accomplishments and country where wood is the protagonist with a history dating back to the 800. A look at the classic, then, but with a  contemporary edge and modern, where the craft research is combined with the comfort, safety and soundness. With the prosperity of their country style.