Alternative uses of toothpaste

alternative uses of toothpaste

The toothpaste It is a product for the hygiene of the teeth and gums, which hides a curious story and a thousand alternative uses. Already in 1800 he used a abrasive paste to remove residuals from the teeth, but the end of the century it has gone to the cream, marketed in squeezable tube with which it is still known today. There toothpaste It is universally used to clean teeth, maintain healthy gums is perfume the breath, but in reality it has proved to be an excellent ally suffered for many other fields, some of which are unusual. The popular wisdom has discovered the extraordinary efficacy of toothpaste for house cleaning, the'personal hygiene in general, the treatment of laundry and the maintenance of the shoesThis is possible because the bleaching agents, descaling and polishing contained in it act effectively on many surfaces, just like they do on the teeth.

Personal hygiene

The toothpaste it helps counter acne thanks to its ability to dry your pimples and it is especially recommended as an emergency intervention having regard to its immediate effect. You can apply a little 'product directly onto the tip of the offending pimple at night, let it work all night, and then thoroughly clean the next morning. Toothpaste, better still with bleaching function, It helps make nails shiny and clean, removing the yellow halo caused by the use of enamel. Since it is designed to counter the bad smells and perfume the breath, it turns out to be very useful for eliminate bad odors from hands: You just have to rub a bit 'on the skin after handling garlic or onion and, having rubbed and rinsed thoroughly, the odors will disappear as if by magic.

In home

The toothpaste is also miraculous to small domestic actionsIf you have for example residues of limestone on iron plate, you can easily remove them by wiping it with a little 'of toothpaste, effective thanks to its gentle anti action. Spalmandone a bit 'on a cloth will be possible remove stains or residual moisture from the walls or carpetsIn this last case, however, you need to be careful to rinse immediately with care and not to rub too hard, to avoid white marks due to the corrosiveness of the bleaching agents. Toothpaste without granules can replace perfectly the products polish silver and with respect to these it is cheaper and certainly more available.

For linen and the shoes

As with the carpets you can remove stains from clothes, curtains, tablecloths, carpeting by wiping gently with a little 'of toothpaste, which should always be rinsed thoroughly. It would be advisable to remove stains from garments carefully and then wash everything in the washing machine to be sure of the result. The important thing is to remember that the toothpaste also has a "bleaching" effect that could ruin delicate fabrics, for which it is appropriate to turn to professionals or to use specific products. For its "strength" instead toothpaste It is perfect for clean and restore white sneakers worn, from which magically disappear even the most superficial scratches.