Halloween: the collection of themed games Imaginarium

Halloween is the most bizarre holiday of the year. The party of vampires and zombies. The feast of the witches. But especially the festival of children who can indulge themselves not only with imaginative and original disguises, but he is playing, joking and diving together in a dream world populated by strange creatures and sinister as much fun. Hence the "night of the witches", especially for the little ones, can only be in the name of the game, the joke and carefree. And on the subject of games, could not miss Imaginarium, the chain of more specialized toy stores and especially in the world, who thought for a chance at a new collection of games, tricks, disguises to arouse the surprise and attention to all the little friends in the magical evening populated by pumpkins, witches, from monsters and devils. It is these that the protagonists of this original range of proposals, thanks to which all children can really ask: "Trick or treat?"

The chain Imaginarium

348 stores in 28 countries around the world have a business card respectable testimony of the quality and safety of Imaginarium products, chain founded in 1992 in Zaragoza, Spain, from the intuition of Felix Tena Comadran which it is still at the helm. A brand that has in the promotion of child development through the fundamental instrument of the game its essential mission. Not just games, then, but a selection of quality products, with high safety standards and that they can have fun by sending a formative value devoid of any military content. The company has also established a mark of quality "ItsImagical"Reaffirming compliance of each toy to the values ​​shared by the company. Here is the bed in which products are produced in the special line for Halloween belonging to autumn-winter 2013-2014 "Junior lt; 12 ".

Halloween: the collection of themed games Imaginarium

From Dracula to Frankenstein, the skeletons witch

All, absolutely all the comforts of a perfect halloween-baby: the costume Halloween Skeleton Light-Suit is phosphorescent in the night, the darkness gives the visual sensation of a real skeleton and right, while for smaller more "classic monsters" the timeless "is availableDracula Suit"To become the bloodthirsty prince of Transylvania, and the version" for her ""vampiress Suit".

Do not miss the ghost costume complete with a chain "Phantom Suit"And, for girls, full of little witch"Brujilda September"To match with the classic pointy hat"Witch Hat". And after the disguises, here is the accessories. For babies bib-shaped pumpkin, the mask that turns you into Frankenstein or the fake mice to be released to sow terror. And yet the "Halloween Frankie Bag" is "Halloween Dracula Bag"With the popular monsters faces, necklaces and bracelets with themed pumpkins and colored stickers of all kinds to make terrifying windows or mirrors.