Halloween in Stockholm: a night tour to Skogskyrkogården

Halloween has also invaded our latitudes bringing with him especially his side "pleasure-seeking" and irreverent. Pumpkins, witches and vampires It has become universally the symbol, transforming it soon, even in its place of origin, in a sort of "macabre carnival". There are, however, interesting exceptions to this cliche that reveal a different Halloween, much more intimate, meditative and suggestive. Nothing improbable masks or make-up "extreme": a Stockholm the zombies are not the protagonists of the Halloween night: if you want to discover a completely different and unknown face, though sometimes take a truly unique and original trip, you do not miss the night tour among Stockholm cemeteries to participate in traditional vigils in memory of the dead. A bold proposal for ... daring.

Skogskyrkogården: a wonder in the woods

In Sweden the tradition of Halloween is certainly linked to the "kingdom of darkness", but brings with it a dimension and a totally different flavor. Meanwhile, the party does not fall on October 31 but on the first Saturday of November, which this year coincides with the day 2. Also in it is absolutely the paramount heartfelt remembrance of the dead of each family and always according to tradition, after sunset, all Swedes are to go into adorning cemeteries with the graves wreaths made of pine and small candles. And the thousands of candles that "heat up" the cemetery make the unique atmosphere, charming and authentic. Of course, the proposal is "strong" and original, but allows you to discover a different side of the "Night Witches" much less commercial and much closer to how intimately lives the Swedish people: a memory and a tribute to those who do not c ' it's more. The bold proposal Stoccolmaviaggi.it, network specializing in the proposal and organization of stays for Italians in King Carl Gustaf capital, you want to bring to discover this unusual atmosphere with a guided night tour in the historic cemetery of Skogskyrkogården - Literally "Cemetery in the Woods" - and that in itself is a special place, having been inserted into 1994 dall 'Unesco among the World Heritage Sites, for its unique and singular characteristics.

Halloween in Stockholm: a night tour to Skogskyrkogården

You can also meet Greta Garbo

The cemetery is in fact within a wonderful coniferous forest extending over 100 hectares: secular strains, the intense smell of resin of pine and fir trees and the stones placed at the foot of the trees submerged in a profound silence. On Halloween night, Skogskyrkogården is a destination for thousands of citizens of Stockholm that pay homage to their deceased loved ones with their garlands and thousands of candles, which can make the wood a unique place of its kind and an impressive suggestiveness. The emotion is palpable and stripped completely Halloween by his garment "light" to allow for a much more authentic feel to memory and participation. In the cemetery, among others, they are buried several important personalities: among all, the most visited by tourists and curious is that of divina Greta Garbo, a native of Stockholm and an icon of the twentieth century cinema, resting between these conifers. Another small piece of history to explore with this unusual and charming night tour.

Photo Credit: Tage Olsin, Xauxa, Holger Hellgaard