Halloween here is the 5 most parks «ghost-allegorical» of Europe

Halloween bumper cars

Halloween is coming! The night more sinister, haunted and irreverent year now also imported in our shores from the ancient Celtic traditions, is going to come back and like every year will give us moments of carefree joy noir. But if you want to experience Halloween in a very special way, we do nothing but follow the five proposals selected on the subject of Opodo, a leading European player in the online travel market, the discovery of many amusement parks around Europe on the occasion of the feast of pumpkins are transformed into large-Halloween party outdoors ...

Pumpkins in Germany and ...

The most popular park in Germany is undoubtedly Europa-Park Rust, near Stuttgart that on the occasion of Halloween will be transformed into an eerie and fun autumnal landscape dotted with thousands of pumpkins and animated by monstrous monster parades, ice shows and musicals dedicated to the scariest nights of the year. With Opodo reach Stuttgart by plane and stay three nights in a three star hotel in the capital city of Baden-Wurttemberg it is possible from 268 EUR per person with accommodation in a double room.

... Cruella in Paris

If you can not resist the charm and Disney World class, you can not fail to visit the Disneyland Paris where of course, in keeping with the occasion, will feature the Villains created by cartoon-popular company founded by the great Walt. Captain Hook, Cruella and the iconic witch of Snow White will form an unprecedented Gang Halloween giving visitors thrilling adventures. With the usual accommodation in a double room starting from numerous Italian cities, Paris can be reached with Opodo from 225 Euros per person, including flight.

Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris

Halloween at Legoland ...

After the worldwide success of the film The Lego Movie, the world of Norwegian colored bricks is matchless Legoland Windsor, England. Obviously change artist by nature, even Legoland is in perfect style-between Halloween pumpkins, monsters and giant spiders all naturally built with the magical and timeless bricks. Opodo offers a package with flights to / from London and 3 nights accommodation in a double room at a three star hotel from 318 EUR per person.

... And with the Looney Toons

Our ghost-gorico tour of Europe continues with Spain and with the Parque Warner Madrid, obviously animated by the most popular characters from Warner Bros as the processed Disney colleagues around the point-perfect characters Halloween. But beware, in the streets of the park will not only find the Looney Toons or Scooby-Doo, but also the bloodthirsty Jason Friday the 13th and the terrible Freddie Kruger of Nightmare. Madrid can be reached with the usual bed and coordinates transportation from 229 € per person by offering Opodo.

Legoland, Winsdor
Legoland, Winsdor

And the Italian halloween Gardaland

In the festival could not miss Gardaland, the most famous and beloved Italian amusement park, which is also in its "Halloween-Style" in the period close to the party. Opodo offers in this case a package that includes overnight accommodation for three nights at the Gardaland Hotel Resort 4 stars from 173 € per person.