Marinated prawns

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personnes: 4 people
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Cooking process

Marinated prawns

THE prawns marinated are a simple and very tasty appetizer also prepare for special occasions. For this recipe are ideal Argentine prawns, those large and fleshy, but you may possibly also use traditional shrimp. For this preparation the prawns must be shelled, to allow easier "cooking" the meat of the shellfish with vinegar and lemon juice, but to make them more spectacular I preferred to leave the heads and tails.

The marinated shrimp can be flavored to taste with citrus (orange or lemon), ginger or using herbs and spices of your choice, I chose the pink pepper, which is very aromatic and at the same time enhances the flavor of the meat of the fish without covering .

When you are about the preparation of prawns marinated have to keep in mind that this is a recipe that does not require a traditional cooking of fish, but a marinade, then a firing that occurs with vinegar and lemon juice, this means first of all that you will need some attention ask about the freshness of the fish that go to buy and secondly of the "cooking" times to be of 24 hours.

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How do the prawns marinated

The prawns marinated are an easy and delicious appetizer, also very particular and refined to serve for an important occasion.

Ingredients for 4 people)

1/2 kg of prawns (Or shrimp)
q.s. of white wine vinegar
1 lemon (the juice)
q.s. of olive oil (Extra virgin)
3 teaspoons of pink pepper (Beans)
2-3 cloves of garlic


    To prepare prawns marinated started to clean the prawns as described in Cooking Guide: how to clean the prawns, eliminating the shell and leaving the head and tail attached (I left them for a cosmetic issue, but if you prefer you can also take them off).
    Arranged so the prawns in a deep dish.
    Marinated prawns
    Cover the shellfish with white wine vinegar (regulator with the amount that will be sufficient to cover them) and lemon juice.
    Marinated prawns
    Marinated prawns
    Marinate the prawns in the refrigerator for 24 hours.
    Marinated prawns
    Strain the liquid and season the shrimp with olive oil, garlic and red pepper.
    Marinated prawns
    Marinated prawns
    Let rest the prawns marinated seasoned for an hour and then serve.
    Marinated prawns
    Marinated prawns