Lemon ice-cream

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personnes: 800 grams of ice cream
difficulté: low

Cooking process

Lemon ice-cream

The lemon ice cream is one of the freshest flavors of ice cream there is. Industrial or handicraft or even homemade ice cream with lemon is one of those tastes that can not be waived. Perfect to be coupled to any other type of ice cream flavor to the whip, it enriches a cold cup with all the good taste of a creamy ice cream that just like in all.

The lemon ice cream can also be served as a meal, perhaps with a scoop of Strawberry ice cream, to accompany with a taste of fresh fruit salad, light and colorful. And 'perfect as a snack for the kids, in the hot summer afternoons, returning all the energy and freshness that they need. 

The lemon ice cream parfait is a very simple to do, you just pay a little 'attention to the ingredients used, which determine the "perfect" flavor of this ice cream. The key ingredient in this recipe are no doubt lemons, and I recommend you choose those kind of Sorrento, with very fragrant peel, possibly organic. After you read how to make lemon ice cream at home, you will understand that this is a recipe as simple and adaptable to other citrus fruits, like grapefruit or orange. You can also choose to finely chop the lemon zest, until not feel it anymore, or leave it rough if you prefer to give a more flavor ice cream "rustic." But if you want to further enrich the taste of your ice cream, try also to add the candied lemon peel, cut into small cubes.

You just have to put the work to prepare one of the freshest flavors of ice cream there is, velvety and cremoso.Per an optimal result of the ice cream all ingredients must be well chilled in the refrigerator. And if you do not have the ice cream you read all the advice on how to make ice cream without ice cream maker.

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How to make ice cream with lemon

The lemon ice cream is one of the freshest and summer popular ice cream flavors. It can be combined with any other ice cream flavor fruit also giving this a great burst of freshness.

Ingredients (for 800 grams of ice cream)

250 ml of milk
200 ml of whipping cream
200 grams of sugar (Granulated)
2 lemons (Zest)
150 grams of lemon (the juice)

Tools used

ice cream maker


    To prepare lemon ice-cream peeled rind of one lemon (yellow part only), put it in a blender with the sugar and powdered everything.
    Lemon ice-cream
    Add the filtered lemon juice (not even add the seeds Citrus) and blend again.
    Lemon ice-cream
    Then add the cream and milk and blend again.
    Lemon ice-cream
    If you check that the compound is still cold enough, otherwise put it in the refrigerator to cool. Pour into ice cream and azionatela as provided by your machine, until you get a creamy ice cream. Transfer the ice cream in the freezer, in an appropriate container, to cool it according to the tastes.
    Lemon ice-cream
    Your lemon ice cream is now ready to be served!
    Lemon ice-cream
    Lemon ice-cream