Ginger rice

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Cooking time: 55m
Person: 6 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Ginger rice

Ginger rice - Original dish, which can be classified as vegetarian, because in its composition does not include meat. Despite this, the dish turns out very tasty, fragrant and spicy measure. Preparing such a figure is very simple, so try and enjoy a new recipe.

Ingredients for ginger rice:

Long grain rice indian 1 cup
Fresh ginger root 1 tsp
Carrots medium sized 2-3 pieces
Onions medium size 1 piece
Peanuts roasted peeled 1/4 cup
Purified water is cold 2 cups
Butter 1 tablespoon
Salt taste
cayenne pepper taste


    Deep cauldron with a lid
    Tea spoon
    Cutting board
    Plate - 3 pieces
    Kitchen stove
    Wooden shovel
    Saucer - 2 pieces
    Frying pan with lid
    Dish supply
    Kitchen potholders
    Average grater

    Cooking ginger rice:

    Step 1: Prepare the rice.

    pour the rice into the cauldron

    Figure pour into the kettle and pour cold purified water. Put the container on high heat and bring the liquid to a boil. Immediately afterwards, do a small fire, cover the cauldron with a lid and cook until cooked rice for 20 minutes. Indian rice itself is very crisp and perfect for our meals.

    Step 2: Prepare the carrots.

    rub carrots on a grater

    While we cooked rice, prepare the vegetables. So, with a knife purify carrots peeled and washed thoroughly under running water. Using a medium grater, rub vegetable directly in a free plate.

    Step 3: Prepare the onions.

    chops onions

    Using a knife, clear the bow of the hull, and after - wash thoroughly under running water. We spread the vegetables on the cutting board and finely chop into squares or thin feathers. Machined components we shift into a clean bowl.

    Step 4: Prepare ginger root.

    shred ginger root

    Ginger clear the knife from the skin and wash under running water. We spread the root on a cutting board and finely chop into pieces of any shape or rub on a medium grater. crushing method in this case will not affect the taste of food. Processed ginger root we shift to a free plate.

    Step 5: prepare peanuts.

    grind peanuts

    Roasted peanuts pour into the blender bowl and shred it at medium speed for 30-50 seconds to the state of fine crumbs. Processed nuts pour into a clean saucer.

    Step 6: prepare cayenne pepper.

    koyensky grind pepper

    If you like spicy food, then you can add ginger rice cayenne pepper. This vegetable is a close relative of the chili pepper and so too has the burning taste. So, wash it under running water and spread on a cutting board. Using a knife, cleanse it from the tail and seeds. Then finely chop the peppers into pieces and we shift to a free dish. Attention: the more fruit, the more will be the dish. Therefore, the quantity is best determined "by eye", and depending on your eating habits.

    Step 7: prepare ginger rice.

    fry the onions until golden brown

    In a pan spread butter and put on medium heat. When the butter has completely melted, do less than the average fire and pour the onion to the pan. Fry vegetables, stirring occasionally his wooden spatula, until pale golden brown.
    mix all ingredients dish

    Immediately after that we add to the capacity of the chopped ginger and carrots, salt dish to taste and mix well all the scapula. Make a small fire, we cover our zazharku cover and simmer for 5 minutes. During this period, ginger root gives flavor, and subsequently saturate Fig. Then open the lid of the pan, add the chopped peanuts and cayenne pepper, mix thoroughly all over and wait for the cooked rice. Once it is ready, pour it with a tablespoon of the cauldron in the pan, mix well all spatula, turn off the burner and cover with a lid to the dish could brew and soak up the flavors of spices and vegetables.

    Step 8: Post ginger rice.

    ginger rice

    When the rice ginger infusion, the dish can be served to the table. To do this, using a tablespoon or a wooden spoon, pour it into a special dish and serve at the dinner table. Figure get a very fragrant, delicious with spicy ostrinkoy. This dish can be served as a main or side dishes with meat.

    Enjoy your meal!

    Tips to the recipe:

    - Instead of cayenne pepper in a dish, you can add a couple of cloves of garlic, to make rice aroma and delicate sharpness.

    - In the treatment of cayenne pepper is better to use plastic gloves, because after this vegetable you may burn your hands.

    - Instead of an Indian, you can use any other long-grain rice. The main thing that it was crumbly. I, for example, is used to prepare such dishes Basmati rice.