Pomelo salad

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personnes: 6 people
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Cooking process

Pomelo salad
There Pomelo salad more than a real recipe and their advice is to enjoy this fruit at its best!
The preparation of Pomelo of Macedonia is very simple, and the result as well as being very good is ultra light, so ideal for cooling off in the summer while enjoying something "without sin"! 😉
Try this simple recipe to prepare a fresh salad after dinner, and you will see that satisfaction!

How to make salad Pomelo

Ingredients (serves 6)

1 pomelo
600 grams of strawberries
250 grams of plain yogurt


    To prepare the Pomelo salad started to collect the pulp pomelo, leaving the skin intact, which will serve as a container.
    Open the top pomelo, cutting the shell with a knife, then cut it with a knife between the flesh and peel.
    Pomelo salad
    Pomelo salad
    Dug into the flesh of the pomelo with a spoon and remove the white skin that covers the garlic, cut the slices into small pieces and place in a bowl.
    Pomelo salad
    Add strawberries washed and cut into small pieces and yogurt and mix well.
    Pomelo salad
    further excavated the inner rind of pomelo to thin it and pour the salad with yogurt prepared in the shell of pomelo.
    Add a few whole strawberry and refrigerate until ready to serve.
    Pomelo salad
    Your Pomelo salad ready.
    Pomelo salad
    Pomelo salad