Banana split

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Cooking process

Banana split

There banana split is an American dessert very famous, perhaps the most famous in the world. And 'a dessert made from banana and ice cream, which may be any of the favorite flavors, from chocolate or cream until those fruit. Everything is decorated as desired with whipped cream, fruit syrup, candied fruit (especially cherries or cherries) and hazelnuts.

The banana split is served on an oval plate, said boat. The saucer shape depends on the fact that, to prepare the banana split banana is cut in the longitudinal direction and then disposed in the plate as a base, on which is then put the ice cream.

It seems that to find out the origins of the banana split we must go back in time until 1904, when David Evans Strickler, a student at the University of Pittsburgh, who worked in his father owned bars, invented this dessert. In reality, the true authorship of the banana split is also claimed by other people in other American cities, as well as by Ernest Hazard, Ohio, in 1907. Although it is not known with certainty what the truth is, it is true that this dessert is famous all over the world and its origins are generally attributed to the continent of overseas.

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How to make a banana split

The banana split is a dessert made of bananas and ice cream typical of the United States. It 'a simple dessert to make and delicious to taste.

Ingredients (for 1 person)

1 banana
1 scoop of ice cream (chocolate)
1 scoop of ice cream (Stracciatella)
1 scoop of ice cream (vanilla-Flavoured)
in whipped cream delight
in syrup pleasure fruit
candied cherries or amerene (Candied)
q.s. of chopped hazelnuts


    To prepare banana split started to take the banana, sbucciatela and cut it in half lengthwise, without breaking it.
    Banana split
    Place the bananas in a flat oval (or elongated) then add the scoops of ice cream (which you can choose according to your taste).
    Banana split
    Banana split
    Finish off the decoration to taste with fruit syrup, whipped cream, cherries and candied cherries and chopped hazelnuts.
    Banana split
    Your banana split is ready.
    Banana split
    Banana split