Recipe Pasta e fagioli

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Category First dishes
préparation: 135 min.
portions: 4 people
difficulté: very low

Cooking process


The recipe for pasta and beans is one of the most traditional of our country and, being popular and appreciated in many areas, there are several variants.
Because of this popularity, we can not say with certainty what is the "original" home of pasta and beans as different regions claim to own the original recipe: Veneto and Tuscany are the
two regions more than others have done the pasta and beans a typical dish.
However, the recipe for pasta e fagioli was born in the inns of ancient Rome as a cheap dish, but tasty and nutritious, suitable to feed the many and various clients of the inns, although in reality the variety used at that time was different from the most widespread today, centuries after it was imported from the New World.
As time passed the pasta and beans became the peasants and laborers dish that they did not provide anything but the products of their backyard.
In Veneto peasant tradition was preparing the pasta and beans in the early fall because in the same period also killed the pig and then they used to flavor the pasta with pork rinds and bones.

Spaghetti beans and mussels

ditaloni Rigati 320 g
Tomato puree 250 g
Garlic 1 clove
onions 30 g
Celery 30 g
Extra virgin olive oil 10 g
black pepper q.s.
Lard 80 g
carrots 30 g
prosciutto 120 g
pre-cooked pinto beans 400 g
Beef broth 0.5 the
Rosemary 3 sprigs
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ditaloni Rigati

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Pasta and beans

To prepare the pasta and beans for First prepare 1/2 liter of meat or vegetable stock that will serve you later. Meanwhile, with a knife cut the bacon into slices and then cut these slices into thin strips along the horizontal line (1). then cut the ham into slices and they cut out small strips (2). Now go to the preparation of chopped celery, carrots and onion. Take celery, carrots and onions and place them in a blender so as to obtain a very fine melancholy of these vegetables (3).

Pasta and beans

When you've got your chopped vegetables, take a rather large non-stick skillet. Pour a little oil and let brown a clove of garlic (4). When browned, remove it from the pan (5) and ask yourself to fry the chopped celery, carrots and onion (you can also consult the page how to make the sauce) (6).

Pasta and beans

Add a ladle of broth to make them simmer the sauce better (7). Also add the fried bacon (8) and, when melted, also add the ham (9) and cook.

Pasta and beans

Add a ladle of broth (10) and stir so that the cooking of bacon and ham is uniform. Now add the tomato puree (11). Season with salt and pepper. Then drain the kidney beans (12)

Pasta and beans

and add them to the other ingredients (13). Stir well to mix all ingredients and ensure even cooking (14). In a separate pot, boil the’water and blanched pasta for 8 minutes (15).

Pasta and beans

While pasta is cooking taken three ladles of sauce and shake it with the’help of a mixer to obtain a creamy mixture (16). Add the sauce to the creamy mixture obtained (17) and mix well. Drained at this point the pasta and add it to the sauce (18)

Pasta and beans

and amalgamating well with the’help of a spoon (19). Cook the pasta in the sauce. Add to your dish of finely chopped rosemary (20) and… Serve your pasta and beans (21)!


Pasta and beans will keep in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days in a tightly closed container. It is not recommended to freeze.


For an even stronger taste you can flavor the beans with bacon and / or add to the sauce of diced potatoes.

If for the realization of this recipe will use some dried beans, remember to put them to soak at least one night before to get them back: while cooking the beans, you can combine flavors and spices (which will eliminate) such as, garlic, sage, bay leaves , and further season with a bone ham or pork rinds of which you will leave to flavor for a few minutes; then add a couple of ladles of broth and let it be absorbed by the beans.


It seems that the Venetians especially love the pasta and beans also because they were just the Venetians their ancestors to import the beans of the variety most common today in the Americas, and to introduce them in the diet and in the Italian gastronomy.

How to make the sauce

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