Bucatini recipe with crispy pig’s feet and artichokes

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Category First dishes
préparation: 60 min.
portions: 4 people
difficulté: very low

Cooking process


The bucatini with pig's feet and artichokes are a first rich and hearty dish, perfect to be proposed at Christmas because menu prepared with pig's trotter, one of the most prestigious boiled pork that represents the Christmas specialty par excellence.
The recipe includes diced knuckle stir-fried to crispy, and strips of cooked artichokes and flavored with parsley that with their strong taste perfectly match the meat tender and tasty.
To accompany this inviting dressing we chose the pasta: a format typical of Lazio pasta, similar to large hollow spaghetti, that goes well in sauces with a strong flavor. If you want to create an original dish maintaining the flavor, the pasta with crispy pig's feet and artichokes are the perfect dish for you!

Bucatini alla Caruso

bucatini 320 g
trotter 1 kg
Artichokes 5
water 200 ml
lemons 1
Parsley 4 sprigs
Garlic 1 clove
Fine salt q.s.
black pepper q.s.
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Born from the imagination of the central Italian pasta makers, Bucatini Barilla have a thickness and texture ideal for enhancing the thicker sauces and important.

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Bucatini with crispy pig's feet and artichokes

To realize the pasta with crispy pig's feet and artichokes started by cleaning the artichokes (for full details see our cooking school how to clean the artichokes): cut the stem at the base of the artichoke. With the’help of a boxcutter eliminated the tough outer leaves (1). Halve the artichoke and eliminated so the beard of the artichoke: a teaspoon engrave the inside perimeter of the artichoke (2). At this point the artichoke cut into strips (3) and

Bucatini with crispy pig's feet and artichokes

place them in a bowl full of water where you have squeezed lemon juice (4) in order to prevent discoloration, let in’Water also lemon squeezed for a better result. Boil a large pot filled with water and cook the knuckle in his enclosure for about 20 minutes (5). When cooked, drain the zampone, extract it from the thermal envelope (6)

Bucatini with crispy pig's feet and artichokes

and let drain in a colander (7). Remove the skin (8) and cut the sliced ​​knuckle (9)

Bucatini with crispy pig's feet and artichokes

you are going to coarsely chop (10). Set aside the knuckle mince and place a pan on the fire, pour a little oil (11), add a clove of garlic (12) and

Bucatini with crispy pig's feet and artichokes

chopped parsley (13). Drain the artichokes from’conservation of water, remove the lemon with a kitchen tongs (14) and pour the slices of artichokes in the pan (15).

Bucatini with crispy pig's feet and artichokes

Saute in a pan artichokes over high heat for about 10 minutes until they soften, adding 200 ml of water (16) to keep them dry during cooking. Salted (17), pepper to taste and remove the clove of garlic (18)

Bucatini with crispy pig's feet and artichokes

In another pan pour the chopped knuckle (19) and cook over high heat for a few minutes, the time it takes to make it crispy, then add the artichokes sautéed in the same pan (20) and cook for a few minutes to flavor. Meanwhile place a saucepan with high sides full of salted water, bring to a boil and pour the pasta (21).

Bucatini with crispy pig's feet and artichokes

Cook them so that they are al dente, drain it, taking care to preserve part of’cooking water (22). Add the pasta to the sauce of artichokes and stuffed pig's trotter, stir the ingredients to flavor and add a ladle of the cooking water (23). Blow up the pasta with pig's feet and artichokes in the pan for a minute and then serve them hot (24).


You should consume the pasta with artichokes and crispy pig's feet at the time, if they were to advance, store them in the refrigerator in an airtight container for up to one day. We do not recommend freezing.


Alternatively you can use the artichoke season vegetables: mushrooms, zucchini or peppers will do fine. If you do not like the pasta you can use other forms of pasta such as linguine or spaghetti.