Corn dog

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Category Finger Food
Préparation: 10 minutes
personnes: 6 people
difficulté: low

Cooking process

corn dog

THE corn dog I am a typical American street food, almost a symbol of the United States, at least as famous hot dogs. Common preparation of county parties, there is no event in which you will not find stalls frying the sausage on a stick at the time, to make them still enjoy hot and crispy, maybe accompanied with common sauces: mayonnaise, Ketchup or barbecue.

The corn dog is a sausage covered in a batter made of corn flour, 00 flour, milk and eggs, fried in plenty of oil, or alternatively for a lighter version, baked. The sausage is cut in half and stuffed into a wooden stick, then useful to keep it when you eat.

The corn dog is a preparation that goes back to the 20's, even if it is only between 1938 and 1942 that claimed becoming famous thanks to Carl and Neil Fletcher, who proposed them as corny dogs at the Texas State Fair. As well as in the United States the recipe for corn dogs has become famous all over the world, sometimes with a little 'different names, such as "Panchuker" in Argentina, "Pogo sticks "in Canada or" Pluto Pup "in Australia. Simple and delicious the corn dog can thrive even on your tables!

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How to make corn dog

The corn dogs are a street food typical American, one of those preparations that can not miss in the county fairs.

Ingredients (serves 6)

6 frankfurters (Large)
q.s. flour 00

For the batter:

150 grams of corn flour
100 grams of flour 00
1 egg
200 ml of milk
10 grams of sugar
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon paprika
1 pinch of salt


q.s. vegetable oil

Tools used

12 sticks or poles


    To prepare corn dog started to prepare the batter: brought together in a bowl corn flour and 00 flour, baking soda, sugar, paprika and a pinch of salt and stir the ingredients with a spatula to distribute them well.
    corn dog
    Add the egg and the milk gradually, stirring as with a whisk, until you have a smooth batter.
    corn dog
    Take the sausage and cut them in half, insert them with a wooden stick and pass them in the flour that you will put in a dish.
    corn dog
    Transfer the batter into a tall container and dip the sausages floured covering them entirely. As you will have covered them with the batter, fry the sausage in abundant seed oil, which must have reached the temperature of 170 °. When the corn dogs are golden (it will take about 3 minutes) extract them from the oil and put them to dry on a kitchen paper to absorb excess oil.
    corn dog
    Your corn dogs are ready to be served with your favorite sauces!
    corn dog
    corn dog
    corn dog

Author's tips

Marianna Pascarella

For the corn dog you choose a narrow and deep frying pan, so that the sausage is completely immersed in the oil.

If not used immediately you can keep the batter ready in the refrigerator for 12 hours at the most.