The Sartorialist for Schwarzkopf: the event Hair Around The World

Black head, the well-known cosmetic brand German group Henkel, dell'hairstyle leader in the world, continues its partnership with Room Milan Fashion, adding a new and important chapter.

Headed to Milan Fashion Week

After collaborations with major international creative and the most successful fashion photographers - by Peter Lindbergh in Karl Lagerfeld, until Patrick Demarchelier - Tesatanera celebrated Milan Fashion Week, emphasizing once again the close link between fashion and beauty, with shots of the famous American fashion blogger Scott Schuman, Reference photographer, monument icon of street style signed The Sartorialist, the authoritative website of "street fashion" which he founded. Schuman says that what attracts him are the people who have traits and qualities stronger and many times the hairstyle has a decisive role in characterizing each. His shots are electrocution, improvisations ... Schuman triggered only when it's worth it.

Schwarzkopf has thus set up a small exhibit precisely during the Milan Fashion Week, asking Scott Schuman to choose fourteen photographs in which the hairstyle is undisputed star, a selection of hairdo only performed precisely during the Milan Fashion Week in Via Mercanti. It is fourteen subjects photographed and immortalized through the eye of Shuman, where a hairstyle or a particular color representing a particular missed a breaking point that the artistic look of Shuman intercepts and captures skillfully. There street exhibition it is entitled Hair Around the World and it was held next to one cube styling staged by Schwarzkopf in which a team of professionals has developed passers available to perform real street hair styles. Ad hoc hairstyles created by the staff of Schwarzkopf, with the aim of creating unique and personalized look, to be immortalized in a memorable shot, Sartorialist in perfect style!

The Satorialist: shooting copyright is "street"

Scott Schuman
Born in 2005, The Sartorialist was the first fashion blog successful, quickly became a real reference point for the people of fashion and among the most popular blog in the world. Scott Schuman is the street style blogger that paved the way for hundreds of others who, after him, have followed in his footsteps. Or at least they tried. But the influence of Schuman goes far beyond the blogosphere.

Its amazing photos, beautifully framed, now appearing on mood boards These design studios around the world. His photographic style has already inspired countless advertising campaigns and editorials.

Schuman cites as an inspiration documentary photography, for instance of the well-known style of cameraman National Geographic, Steve McCurry , the man behind the famous photo taken in 1985 shows an Afghan girl with intense green eyes - and which earned McCurry at the World Press Photo, the most prestigious international award in the world. And just looking at the Schuman photo, it looks like he's trying to capture the inner spirit of his subjects, their most intimate and profound essence, not only their sense of fashion.

Of course, like other photographers, bloggers, Schuman also sells his pictures to magazines, but its bigger (and more stable) income comes, at least at present, by selling advertising on The Sartorialist website. Photographer Scott and post on his blog the look of people met in the street, ordinary people who find particularly interesting. Moves between the various capitals of the world, covering a kind of common thread in an attempt to create a dialogue between the world of fashion and everyday life, while providing inspiration and encouragement to all those who, every day (about 13 million visitors per month!), scroll through the images published in The Sartoralist.

Over time among his subjects "real" have also appeared celebrity fashion, known faces of the fashion system, portraits Scott skillfully mixes (and deliberately) to the common people. As if to say: what makes the difference is one particular style, a distinctive and unique, a detail, an outfit or hairstyle. And this is exactly what the goal of Scott (and look) really matters ... the one for which it is worth a shot.