The return of Sweat in style

sweatshirts Zara spring / summer 2013
sweatshirts Zara spring / summer 2013

I am Madame Sweatshirt. Oui c'est moi

Sometimes they come back. And with fashion all you can say, the boss remote believed and intended to be erased from memory reappears in the restored version. If the 80s saying sweatshirt was closely correlated with leggings, at the time called leggings, leg warmer and, in the 90's, she always, Madame Sweatshirt, was the highlight of a sporty grunge look paired with jeans and check shirts. Madame frontline, in the following years, the sweatshirt he saw himself overtaken by new entry, he fell to a period of oblivion from which it itself did not think resurface today Madame is back in vogue, sparkling like in its heyday.
celebrated as new boss super cool, it is cleared by sporting contexts where it is trivially intended. Perfect to go to work, not to be lounging on the sofa.
Among the brands that have reinvented the sweatshirt appears adidas, Stella McCartney, Elisabetta Franchi, Gucci.

As I want? Studs or etiquette?

Necked, round neck, plain, printed or patches, the sweat-shirt, English, winks to his followers, those who remember or are inspired by the classic Best Company worn by paninari in the 80s.
To its gray and soft version, replacing or alongside other more fanciful and impact: with written, studs, prints, applications, rhinestones, stones, sequins, studs and lace breaker extreme minimalism and monocolor.
On sweatshirts, front, they appear slogans, averaging a concept expressed clearly and without any shyness, foreground ones Marc by Marc Jabobs, H&M Conscious Collection, Zoe Karssen is Brian Lichtenberg; others are candid and immaculate suited to outline a look easy chic as in the case of American Apparel.
the collections Spring-Summer 2013 debut with colors such as coral, pink bon bon, sugar paper with the floral motifs of roses and daisies; to plant prints (Pinko, MSGM); the dreamscapes drawn from art history books and released outside; in the hills, deserts, forests; Tigers (Kenzo), cats and creatures of the marine world.

Plush animal with Tigre by Kenzo

If you pop I will be ...

You can be very sensual and chic with a sweatshirt, he proved, in his time, Jennifer Beals in "Flashdance".
In addition, to each his style: animal prints H&M, Pinko, Asos to be incisive; the floreal fantasies or lace inserts a Must (MSGM, PINKO) for the bon ton style lovers; for the very rock the sweatshirts with studs and metallic applications (Mango); for pop girl models with maxi written or style prints graffiti (Asos and Marc Jacobs).

Hooded plot floreale_Zara

Indossami so

Subject cool outfits and new dictates of fashion, sweatshirt, is perfect if it goes to high heels is leather skirts, or at least narrow (a Pencil sequins or mini), with a skinny jeans is dancers for a casual and chic look.
Madame has also become a dress to wear with boots, ankle or cleavage dizzying, just to respond to conflict. His cheap prices They are the watchword for brands Asos is Zara.
The trendy models are particularly large but there are more adherent variants or extremely short, to wear with the belly discovery.