The One That I want: Gisele Bundchen for Chanel No. 5

In a mini-three-minute film, shot and put in the winning couple scene Luhrmann-Martin, Chanel renews the image of the No. 5, her perfume-icon, telling the story of a woman who completes a journey of personal growth and, after his human fulfillment, work and parenting, can live love in a complete, mature, aware.


The spot opens with underwater shots of a Gisele Bundchen mermaid emerges from the water and ride the waves on a surf board from black, signed Chanel (and please, that there is a fashion addict crazy enough to get used to taking pictures outside a parade!). The then we see at home, playing with her child, then put on a photo shoot where the photographer is Luhrmann himself, former director of The Great Gatsby. But during these scenes the protagonist is restless, we sense that there is something wrong with his man, played by Michiel Huisman (known for Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, Treme). It was during the shooting that the protagonist realizes he must run to him, to show him that it is still the most important thing or, like singing in the background Lo-Fang nell'intimista cover of the main theme of Grease, "The One That I Want" . Love triumphs, the woman Chanel No. 5 is finally complete.

The One That I want: Gisele Bundchen for Chanel No. 5

The real woman of Chanel

The visionary director Baz Luhrmann, the ocean and stunning images New York at night, make this little film a concentration of beauty and emotion: after all the beauty, if it does not move the soul, it is useless. Gisele is ideal testimonial not only as a woman of immense beauty, but because it is a person of character, active, hardworking, wonderful mother and wife. Commissioning metatextual scene of the "real" surf with Gisele, daughter, work as a model, only confirms the will of Chanel to speak to the real woman. A will that is at the base of the maison's DNA, and the revolution began by Mademoiselle Coco.

Watch the spot and be enchanted!