The Bra Fitting arrived in Italy

The Bra Fitting is an innovation in the field of lingerie that has come to Italy from London. It is a real technique, based on the laws of anatomy and physics, which allows women to be able to find the perfect bra to fit, size and shape!

Two simple words that fully express the meaning of the art technology and cutting edge: adapting the lingerie to the forms of the body in order to stylize the silhouette.

Yes, even here it's Bra Fitting, which gave way to a true "culture of the breast," a revolution in the field of lingerie that changed everything we knew, or thought we knew, on the breast and underwear.

Bra Fitting is modernity and innovation, is to know and know your body so you dress him with the right underwear and to putting their femininity to the fullest!

Pati Jo: the first boutique Bra Fitting in Italy

It has opened a few days in the historic center of Rome, in Via Paganica, the first boutique Bra Fitting in Italy. The project is the brainchild and passion for fashion with two girlfriends and stylists, and Pati Jo, who after following in England Research Masters Degree in Bra Design and Manufacture, the first European professional course in Bra Fitting, have given way to their professional project, to create the first store of Bra Fitting in Italy.

Thus it was born the boutique Pati Jo, not the usual underwear shop, but a veritable temple of lingerie where every woman can find the perfect bra!

Yes, because the goal of the two girlfriends and stylists is just to teach all women to choose the right bra according to their shapes and sizes, and to wear it just right!

All this because wear bra the right size means better posture, make the most of the neckline and ensure adequate support for the breasts.

But women know how to choose the perfect bra? The answer is no: in fact only 20% of women wear a bra in your size, the rest I would want a much more comfortable. Moreover, not all know that the measure of the breast changes at least 7 times in the course of life and, therefore, carry a wrong bra can be due to several hassles and problems, especially at the level of the back and, consequently, of the posture.

That said, you're all invited to visit the first boutique Bra Fitting in Rome, where your will lose yourself in the many variants of bras, different in shape, size, color, fabric and workmanship.

The Bra Fitting arrived in Italy

Here you will be welcomed by the first Bra Fitter of Italy that, after evaluating the shape and size of your breasts, will guide you in choosing the most suitable lingerie to your silhouette, able to better support the neckline, to redefine the shape of body and reshape your hips!

In addition, not only how to choose the perfect bra, but also all the techniques and secrets to tell when a bra fits well and how to store it and wash it properly in this "bra home", Pati and Jò explain to their clients.

Tips and valuable information that will make your most intimate garment a precious object, a real second skin!

From Pati Jò are many models, more than 150 and, for each of these, there are more than 200 different sizes so that each breast, from the smallest to the more prosperous, can find the ideal support.

Among the various models we find Azira, a veiled balcony made of lace that gathers and lifts the breasts, making it rounder and lighter. Or the model Tango, It declined in various colors like white, black classic and more sophisticated aubergine. This style is characterized by the full cup which encloses the entire breast giving it a much more hard. Latest news is the bra Tango cloud pink color, a shade poudre, evanescent, sensual and elegant. The bra Lucy, however, it has a cup with diagonal and vertical cut, ideal for lifting the breasts and enhancing the curves.

The lingerie boutique is characterized by uniqueness and sophistication, unique attention to detail, a modern collection, advanced, eye-catching in terms of beauty and aesthetics, original and above all sexy as it takes the refined and chic corsetry Haute Couture.

The Bra Fitting promises to be a real sweet revolution in the field of lingerie, which will help us learn more about our body, to enhance even more the beauty to be always perfect, sexy and glamorous even under clothing, without sacrificing comfort and the comfort that only a perfect bra is able to donate.