Shopping guide: the most beautiful boutique in Cambridge

Cambridge It is one of the most fresh and lively English city on the British territory: only an hour's drive from the center of London, slightly shifted to the north-east in the county of Cambridgeshire, teems with multi-ethnic influences, young college students immersed in the college walls as "harrypottiani" of all time, of green parks, museums, majestic cathedrals Anglican ...

And not only for Shopaholics passionate over-sea, Cambridge offers an infinite variety of shops, from popular chains like Zara, H&M and Top Shop to shopping center right inside the old town, such as the Grand Arcade, an imposing three-storey building with an infinite range of store to suit all tastes and pockets ...!

But the preciousness of a quaint old as Cambridge, is in hidden jewels that you can find within its picturesque streets: these are the small boutique of clothing and accessories, shapes and silhouettes that evoke sweet retro flavor and together, dust off the most authentic British tradition. Do we have intrigued enough? Enter the virtual world of our shopping guides and discover with us four of the boutiques that have thrilled and inspired us most during our stay in England!


In one of the less busy streets of the old town, and just in Bridge Street, is situated Lilac Rose, an independent fashion boutiques offering a wide range of clothes and accessories from the nostalgic vintage flavor and, wonder of wonders, a really more than affordable price! Kidnapped bohemian atmosphere that reigns within its walls, we asked some more information to the sweet Veronica (Italian D.O.C.) who has been working within Lilac Rose:

"Our boutiques can be defined quirky, particular, with a search of bosses unconventional, unique and original. We love above all contamination from past years, with dresses cut fifties with wide skirts to the years Sixty with shift dresses and polka dot prints, plaid and floral patterns. Every week we receive new material from London, we love the fact contornarci new to always give a fresh look to our boutiques and lively: Emily and Fin, Louche is Trollied Dolly are just some of British designers to whom we rely to enrich our collection every day. We are very attentive to the quality / price ratio: the meticulousness of each garment is almost designer mold, but at the same time it is accessible to any budget. We also offer a wide range of accessories from the back taste: from jewelery such as necklaces, rings, brooches and precious orecchine handbags, wallets, belts and objects for the home such as cups and small items of furniture. "Nothing to add, Lilac Rose of law jumps on top of our top list of boutique coolest in the heart of Cambridge button!


In Lion Yard Street, a road that opens on the left of St Andrew's, the main street, makes a fine show of another boutique they do to our case, Terminal D: We stop to take a look at the window and wide wide-brimmed hats alternate colored satchel bag, pleated skirts matched with delicious shirts, decorated with beads and sequins, flakes, suitcases is sweaters embellished with lace, macramé and broderie anglaise. Entrance welcomes us a shy Korean girl, who immediately shows more than willing to illustrate it store: "We are Korean, and style course is inspired by Asian culture and our clothing style. Many of the pieces we create them just us, with continuous innovation and appearance dell'allestimento interior of the store. Certainly the long pleated skirts, dresses him in life often come with high belt, the richly decorated sweaters are inspired by the fifties, with a nostalgic note. You will notice that most of our leaders are in one size, because this part of the fabric we use is elastic and fits perfectly in every size. For now we only have two realities, this Cambridge and a boutique Carnaby Street, right in the middle of the street of London shopping. This is because we want to maintain a certain uniqueness and authenticity that can only be achieved by paying attention to a few consolidated stores. "An atmosphere delicate and boho-chic not to be missed if you are a few steps from the historic center of the city!


Shopping guide: the most beautiful boutique in Cambridge

Walking through the busy streets of downtown, close to the historic market that every day offers a large variety of fruit and vegetable stalls, delicacies, vinyl records (and even a barber serves sophisticated cuts to the Beatles!), peeps Ness, a store that has done its style immaculately Scottish his trademark. We get captured by the vivid colors of tartan and prints reminiscent pleasant places from which this store He draws much of his inspiration, and we ask the kind of job shop, an Englishwoman Cambridge native, to explain a bit 'more about the brand: "Ness It was born in Edinburgh, with a clear idea in mind: to propose fresh clothing, unique and modern, but with that Scottish touch extra that distinguishes the brand worldwide. So the store has expanded and now we have more than 9 stores including Edinburgh is Glasgow, plus some new realities like this Cambridge, or that of York is Bath. The tartan and the tweed are the fabrics that constitute the brand, with a full variety of colors on sfiancate jackets, skirts longuette by-line cut or wrap-around wallet, and across our broad range of iconic bags, top box from the simple to the set of suitcases. Trench is coats They have a perfect fit, with the emphasis on the waistline with thin belts, and a touch of glamor more is given by the inner lining, with bright floral patterns or polka dots in contrast. Obviously can not miss the cashmere, brought on soft pullover or cardigan simple round neck with colored border and some particularly unique. "We were fascinated by the numerous set of china, cups and cutlery that recall fantasy tartan, with the same teaspoons that reappear vivid of delicious clothes perfectly fifties style. Self Ness is the store for you, but do not plan an upcoming trip overseas, do not worry, here's the site online to be accessed for your virtual shopping: and top it off, the shipment for now it is totally free!


Last leg of our full immersion in the heart of shopping made in Cambridge was a store whose windows have bewitched at first glance, thanks to an explosion of colors and a myriad of prints that seem to scream British pride to the whole world. Cath Kidston, The British designer, brilliant mind that managed from a small reality in the heart of London to make his mark in a colossal business, has been able to interpret the right combination of old and new giving birth to a new style, "Modern vintage", drawing from english heritage and giving it a new twist super glam. We have found in the Cambridge store plenty of furnishing ideas, from china to coat and blankets, without forgetting the beautiful paper prints wallpaper, echoing throughout the shop, but also a very wide variety in clothing, with clothes and trench delicious, aprons with eccentric prints, and the famous trunk bags and travel. If you like the sweet taste of contornarti Terra d'Albion, if you love to hear the creaking of the wooden floor beneath your feet on a rainy day, if you feel the overwhelming need to sit on a soft chair with polka dots, read you a good book and buy yourself a tasty teapot for your afternoon teas, Cath Kidston It is the place for you! Must try, our word!