Missoni dresses the bride of Andrea Casiraghi

Marriage Casiraghi Santo Domingo

A white silk dress embroidered with raffia and Macré lace, long sleeves to just above the elbow and neck V. These are bridal gown details signed Missoni worn by Tatiana Santo Domingo in the day of his marriage to Andrea Casiraghi, second in succession to the throne of the principality of Monaco. Rounding out the bride, a wreath of white flowers on long wavy hair and flip-flops. A simple dress for a simple ceremony, private, as was the ceremony which celebrated the love between Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo. Few frills for the young husband: suit and blue tie, white shirt.

The choice of Missoni was not random. Tatiana, who deals with fashion, is a friend of Margherita Missoni, among others, present at the Monaco wedding.

After the civil ceremony, the couple have invited 350 guests to an on-board refreshments pool set in the royal gardens. The party seems to have ended in the night at the casino and hotel Sporting d'Hiver in Monte Carlo. According to rumors, to the couple there will be a more pompous this winter feast. The Missoni are already struggling with a new dress?