Maria Grazia Severi signing the new uniforms female Inter

When you female sport, elegance and class are a must. A style rule that must not fail even if it comes to football. Female, of course. It is precisely for this reason that the ASD Inter Milan, satellite "in pink" of 'F.C. Inter have asked Maria Grazia Severi of treating the mood and the design of the new seals of team race, both as regards the game tunics that for the official uniform representation. The result is a totally glamorous cocktails that combine aggression and passion of every true sportsman with elegance and femininity trademark of Maria Grazia Severi factory.

A sporting challenge ...

The ASD Inter Milan is a young, dynamic company, which has only three years of view behind but which has already arrived for the first time in its history, in the national championship series A2, the cadet category of all the Italian women's football. A company that makes the values ​​of sport, education even before athletic and competitive, its true philosophy which was sparked by founder Elena Tagliabue, still the club's president and wife of the historian champion Inter Beppe Baresi, Inter column for years and now a member of the technical staff of the first team in direct cooperation with the coach Walter Mazzarri. And it is precisely the presence of the "president" and the entire team was officially presented the new uniform signed May 22 by Maria Grazia Severi. A new project for an innovative fashion houses like the one animated by Maria Grazia and daughter Francesca and has operating base near Modena. Star of the presentation was the captain and striker of the team, Regina Baresi, daughter of Elena and Beppe and therefore has football in his DNA being able to count not only on the father, even on the "influence" of his uncle Rossoneri Franco, in turn greatest soccer player of the 80s and 90s.

Maria Grazia Severi signing the new uniforms female Inter

... And a challenge class and elegance

An exciting challenge for the girls who face the new category, and also for the fashion-brand that is measured by something totally different than usual, succeeding with his usual class to contaminate with their natural elegance and style the scope of a sport that is traditionally considered "feud" men like football. That's the comment Regina Baresi, collected on the sidelines of the presentation evening, held on the eve of the fourth championship commitment of the team that has been measured by the Graphicstudio Pordenone "It considered a male sport but that fascinates so many girls and that thanks to the valuable contribution of Maria Grazia Severi today can show a feminine touch more".