Bikini crochet DIY

Yamamay offers a crochet pattern in the Sea 2013 collection

Now we can say it without problems: the Summer is here and with it the first few outings, the first dip in the pool and the long-awaited sunbathing. We told you about the new collections for this year and the sea in terms of brands and models you'll be spoiled for choice. But if even on vacation we do not know to give up the pleasure of creating a handmade head, then a bikini all 'crochet It does just the job. Moreover we saw them also in the collections in circulation, then we can be certain of being perfectly in step with the latest trends.

crochet bikini multicolor
The hook is not lacking in the sea collections 2013. We shall hazard a do-it-yourself?


100 g of choice yarn (maybe stretch lycra type)

Crochet n. 2.50

the highest point on the sample: 

20 p. = 10 cm wide

Bra execution
Start 20 chains and starting from the fourth cat. work a p. high in each of the 16 cat. following; in the cat. subsequent work p.alti 5, then continue on the other side of the cat. initial working p.alto 1 in each of the 17 cat. following. Go up higher in revolutions return, performing always 1 point higher at each point below and increasing 4 p. at each turn in correspondence of p. central; to increase 4p. work 5 p. P.di same basis. Performed seven rounds total there will be 63 p. After breaking the thread and free him. Run the other cup in the same way.


For each shoulder, freeing the yarn in p.che precedes p. middle of the top of the cup and run a chain of 103 p. and, starting from the 4th ch from hook, work 1. the top of each of the underlying chains. Finish by running a half-link in p.alto following the p.centrale the top of the cup. For the ribbon lacing at the base of the cups, start with yarn 73 cat., Work 35 half-m. along the base of the right cup, run 11 cat., work 35 half-m. along the base of the left cup 76 ,, run cat. and, starting from 4a cat. hook, work 1. high in each of the 227 p. obtained. At the end break and fasten thread.

Running Slip

bikini crochet pastel
Realize your own crochet bikini

Front: start a cat. 13 p. and, starting from 4a cat. hook, work a p. high in each of the 10 cat. following. Continue high point in rounds of outbound and inbound. The P. high that it begins the ride is always replaced by 3 cat. During the 4th round at the sides increase of 1 p .; later from lap 6, increasing the sides 1 p. every lap 13 times. To increase 1 p. work 2 p. high in the same p. Basic. As from lap 19 to increase the sides 2 p. at each turn for 5 times. To raise 2 p. each side, work 2 p. higher in the first and last p. and 2 p. the same p. Basic within the first and the last 10 p. Terminated increases, 23.5 cm in total height, disrupting work on 59 p. obtained, cut the thread and free him.

Behind: Flip the front and work up top on the other side of the foundation chain, performing a p. for each p. below. Starting in 3rd round increase at ends 1 p. between laps to 9 times, during the 12th lap, increasing the sides 2 p. Since lap 13 increase on the sides, with each around 1 p. for 5 times and 2 p. for 6 times. Terminated increases, 23.5 cm in total height, disrupting work on 67 p. obtained, cut the thread and free him.

confection: For the first ribbon lacing, freeing the yarn at the left end of the penultimate lap of the front and work a cat. 73 p. and starting from the 4th cat. hook, perform 1 p. high in each of the 70 cat. successive. Finish with a slip stitch. the upper end of the last p. the last lap of the slip. Break the thread and free him.

Perform the same way the ribbon on the right side of the front and on both sides of the back.

And if you prefer to follow a step-by-step video tutorials here are two interesting resources

Crochet Bikini - The Bra

Crochet Bikini - Slip

N.B. The images are not indicative of the models described.