Treason: how to find out with 10 clues

betrayal clues

Your Life married is absent? Your boyfriend does not want more, and does nothing but invent excuses not to see you? Perhaps there is a lover of you. Find out if he will betrays and learn to grasp the 10 clues that indicate a betrayal in progress.

1. Do not you want more: It is one of the most visible signs of betrayal. For who betrays usually tends to have a low sexual desire, does not want to spend the time between the sheets with his partner and the bed becomes a cold and inhospitable place.

2. Changed look: a change of image also usually corresponds to an inner change. If your man has a relationship with another woman will be desirable for her and will want to be more beautiful. Go to the gym, change hairstyle and looks are unmistakable signs.

3. Never spend time with you: to spend time with his mistress, a man traitor needs in continuation of time, thus never has a moment to be with you, and you invent the most improbable excuses not to see you or leave the house.

4. His mood is constantly changing: a moment you see him happy and smiling, the next moment you answer wrong and stares at the phone. Probably there's half a lover and a few skirmishes between the two.

5. Do not talk more with you: if before litigavate often, he made you notice what he did not like in your behavior and then were doing peace, now he is indifferent to everything. Does not quarrel with you anymore, not talking to you over and above ignores you.

6. Delete the messages on the phone: every time the phone rings, and hides the few times did you come to see who he was quickly erased the message saying "Is not nobody." Here we cat breeding!

7. It is always late: you have to meet to go to the cinema and he arrives an hour late and disheveled, expect for dinner, but says that tarry yet. Probably he took the opportunity to meet his lover.

8. He's always on the phone and the PC: She spends her evenings at the computer, and every time you call the phone is busy and often also feel ringing in the night.

9. Says lies: he said it was from his mother, instead you found out it was not. It had to be at work instead you saw on the street. If the lies are so many and he invents hundreds of excuses to mollarti alone there is a lover of the way.

10. Do not look more with the same eyes: a woman knows, a man in love looks at you with eyes and has a look full of love and desire. If you think to another instead his gaze will be elusive and disinterested towards you.