The most beautiful celebrity couples

Who looks like is derived, which is why more and more celebrities are chosen each other, creating ultrafamose and wealthy couples who make us all dream normal common. Because when the vip love parades on the red carpet - it is a social occasion or for charity - envy is just around the corner. But what it is the most beautiful couple in the star world-system?

Victoria and David Beckham

Despite the horns festival that goes on the head poor Posh Spice, the couple with the passage of time appears more solid than ever. Because when the basis is a deep love everything can be solved by making insignificant even the betrayals. Vicky and David are just beautiful, he was for years the best footballer in the world (until the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, who followed him also the occasional career of male underwear model, like David) as she has now become a 'icon of style and elegance for all the fashionistas thick. Simply perfect! Closely followed by many other pairs of sports and young hopefuls girls - see under Girlfriends of sports.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Two as they were bound to be together. She is the bombshell of Hollywood cinema (although it is now no longer the very first nap) while Brad, over the years, and the appearance of first wrinkles, bought fascination and charm. The beautiful Angelina is just recovering from a surgical operation widely discussed on various magazines, but remains one of the favorite actresses on the international scene.

When the couple will appear on the red carpet photographers go crazy with a flash festival that is unmatched. How not to understand them?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Discrete and little worldly Ben and Jennifer have known and love, then do not let any more. Actually after the catastrophic actor earlier (see the marriage to Jennifer Lopez foundered shortly before yes) very few people believe that this relationship would last long and instead here they are, in 7 years, still in love and happy as the first day.

The most beautiful celebrity couples

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom

He made heads turn as Will Turner in the saga Pirates Of The Caribbean as she is one of the flagship models of Victoria's Secret, a brand that is a guarantee of quality and perfection (and legs scream). Seeing them together is a pleasure for the eyes, because when their eyes meet their eyes become heart-shaped, by removing everything there is around. Ah, lucky them ...

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

That they were a couple it was discovered almost after their marriage. You certainly can not say that the two boys love living on the crest of the gossip. She is one of the lucky few that may include Leonardo DiCaprio as an ex (one that if you're not a model superbellissima do not even realize you exist), instead he is the former husband of Scarlett Johansson, who then gave up on two feet take up with her adored Blake. Now living happy, content and very much in love ... a real blast!