Phrases for tattoos: the trendiest choices

Impress, express themselves and develop themselves. Always through the tattoo man wanted self talk, to express who he was and what he was thinking or simply beautify your appearance or explain their own dignity or condition. In this sense the tattoo, in all its forms, is old as the. It has also undergone changes. Lately the tattoo is back and be very trendy for this increasingly popular among young and old, "driven" in this his rise from the visibility that give characters known and unknown who have chosen to embellish - with results in alternate truth - their look.

And so, like any self-respecting fashion, even the tattoo-mania has its own trend: after the tattoos "sailor-style" and of the ethnic boom here is spreading like wildfire on Tattoo "textual" ie one that uses written or phrases more or less famous, personal or inspired by others, to impress on their skin with sophisticated characters and details. What intrigues you? You are not the only ones ...

Tattoos and written, the last supermoda VIP

Angelina Jolie

It seems that "famous" of every latitude and able - by Low-vip as players or television lounges goers to world-vip like the Hollywood stars - are bewitched by this new trend and that can not help but affect texts on their skin. Some examples? Here it is: we take the rock-star (you still say that?) Rhianna that, in addition to a "love" tattooed on the index of the left hand also has a long prayer in Sanskrit comes from the Hindu tradition on the right hip - rumors also say the singer pomps a number of spelling mistakes but from a few Sanskrit able to grasp - in addition to the phrase "freedom in God" in Arabic under the left breast. This net of tattoos last hour. Megan Fox, instead he chose Shakespeare for his tattoo over his shoulder: "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies", Or" we laugh all the golden butterflies "from King Lear.

Angelina Jolie It makes the texts on his skin a must, ranging from Tennessee Williams quotes in Latin maxims - "Quod me nutruit, destruit me ", the same thing that nourishes me destroys me - Traditional symbols Cambodians in Khmer language in Japanese characters, to the last - at least until now - that shows the exact coordinates of Brad Pitt's birthplace.

Interesting right? And you think you could give examples endlessly.

Language, characters and meaning: how to choose the sentences to be tattooed

As often happens in fashion, the real trend is not to follow the trends and try to inventarsele alone. And so really intriguing examples described above can only be an inspiration, but do not let too: the always valid rule and that the tattoo should express yourself and not others. If you want to then communicate something strong imprimendolo on your skin you will need to make choices based on three fundamental elements: the meaning - always extremely important in something "sacred" as a tattoo - the language and character. It should not be only understood as "font" or how writing style of the letters, but also as a real language, as it is having great success using exotic languages, often oriental and sometimes obsolete: not only traditional Japanese or Chinese characters but also the Hindi, Bengali, Javanese, Tamil, Sindhi or even historical spoken "extinct" as the Sami.

an original idea? ambigrams

Another original idea may be to use ambigrams, or a particular mode of representation of sentences - simple in this case - that, thanks to the particular nature of their design may be read in several different ways, revealing the same word or more words depending on how you look at them. Not easy to make and require considerable study by those who create them, but ensure a very sophisticated and elegant effect, and obviously the certain effect of arousing the curiosity and wonder of the beholder.

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