Nicknames and pet names, the test of true love

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I really love? If yes, call it "cucciolotto"

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You put your heart at rest all men who complain of masculinity crisis when their loved one calls them by pet names and nicknames. They will divert the gaze friends if you run a "topolotto" in an evening. If we truly love our partner, we call it "puppy".

Calling it "teddy"? A true love signal

amorous sentimentalist, to give you reason is science. Or at least, its exponent: the professor of psychology at Boston University, Jean Berko Gleason. Who with his team he has conducted years of research to show that affective nicknames and endearments various - from the "sweetie" all ' "teddy", to the "cat" and so on - are indisputable signs of true love.

Too much schmaltz? Blame dopamine

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Love ... and the pet names

If we call it "patatino" Therefore, our he has little to complain about. It is emotional memories of the bond between child and parents, indisputable indicators of affection and a great intimacy, which also preside over erotic love. All because of dopamine, the neurotransmitter "wellness" which is activated by small when we made the pampering and adults when we love and we feel loved.

matter of feeling

chemistry question, in short, and among the things to know to reply to any criticism of our better half. Perhaps we never imagined that at the root of these schmaltz there were the same laws that govern the attraction, but today we will remember with less embarrassment that time when we gave him of '' Cupid "among all her friends. Especially if you do not leave for that. Moreover, if he is in love, to forgive us. No?