«I think too much» mental rumination

There mental rumination, also known as overthinking (From "thinking too much") it is a little known bad, but which, unfortunately, suffer from a lot of people, mostly women. The causes? The stress, anxiety, excessive pressures that poison everyday life. Reasoning is good, but when it becomes excessive destructive weapon, because the mind is idling in isolating fictitious dimensions that distance from reality and solving actual problems. Brooding too much on various assumptions, circumstances, ask yourself a thousand "if" and sift through all possible "but" takes away energy and lose sleep. You can torture with a single fixed idea, a mental drill that does not let up, or travel in a thousand speculations connected by logical threads that are lost in the maze of our brain. When the process becomes obsessive turns into trouble and there is even talk of "pathological doubt".

A famous scholar, Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, It has investigated the phenomenon and demonstrated with certainty that rumination is "the tendency to respond to a distress focusing on the causes and consequences of their own problems, without taking any concrete action problem solving". From this lack of resolution can result diseases such as depression, eating disorders or alcohol abuse. There Nolen-Heksema then it showed how this perverse dynamic is more common among women who are naturally more apt to think and rethink it than men are educated to give more room for emotions, only to be victims.

destructive overthinking
How is it possible to silence the mind?

For the tendency to ruminate mentally it is important not to ask questions when you can not give an answer, at least in the immediate, and sometimes try to respond with action rather than with the head. You have to learn how to heal "blocking thoughts": if it comes a destructive reflection will be appropriate to let her go and not to dwell endlessly on its various implications, perhaps by switching to some other topic. Distraction can helpWhen you are hit by this storm, you can get up, engage in manual activities or concrete that captures the mind, like reading a book, prepare a herbal tea, watch a movie, call a friend, indulge in a relaxing hobby. In the event that the brooding does affect the quality of life and should take over it will be appropriate, however, to consult a specialist who will try to bring out the underlying causes of the discomfort, which is literally "gnawing" our soul.