I’m a single lady! I am single and happy!

5 good reasons for being single.

Because it singles is beautiful. Here are the positive aspects of not having a partner, according to all those who are single by choice ... and I would return back! Because after a life in couple it turns out that you are also well on their own, because they find their own space often is liberating and opens new horizons before unexplored, because who is single of the benefits always knows well.

5 reasons why it's great to be single:

1) You have more time for themselves
When you are single you have much more time to devote to themselves, as long as before riservavamo for partners is in fact everything at our disposal! You can take better care of your body, you have more time to rest and do the workout, but also to pamper yourself. The shower, for example, is our whole indefinitely!

2) they riallacciano relationships that were neglected by friends and friends
When it is paired many times you neglect friends, our BFF resists the impact of married life but the other group are often overlooked ... when you are single you come back to hear the old friends and find themselves still solid ties we had forgotten.

3) It comes out more
No more slippers and sofa but heel and local! I single out a lot more of couples who are also well at home. Let paused our favorite series, we close the tv, we chat a bit 'on facebook and we close that too ... and we go out!

4) they can try new experiences
And that course of sauce that was attending my friend? And do it yourself? And that trip to the Canary I always postponed? Let's try everything! As time progressed, in the absence of romantic dinner, we sling on new adventures and experiences that we undertake the torque laziness did not allow us to do.

5) they do not compromise
Dining out? Shopping? I thought you got a new pair of shoes last week? No more questions, no more answers! With a partner we can do whatever we want without having to answer to anyone and without having to compromise!

Proud to be single! And then ... who knows what's in store tomorrow!