How long is the life of the couple!


When the love lasts for years it is difficult (if not impossible) to be able to keep the flame of perpetually burning passion and sparkling. We must therefore resign saying goodbye to cuddle and to those few (but essential) moments of unbridled passion that make us feel alive and even desirable? Absolutely not. Because the world is already depressing enough of her, so why put a further load to be 90?!?

Couple anoiata steps

Something different

You and your partner are living a difficult moment made of stress, boredom and a thousand negative thoughts? Why do not you take a break, then doing something else that falls outside the usual routine daily and allow you to stay together? It could be a romantic getaway away from children and family, as well as a hot air balloon ride, an afternoon on a boat or even a simple walk in the park just for you two. Do rekindle the spark through many laughs, some little seductive look or brushing against each other. Rediscover how beautiful each other's company than the other.

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New air in the bedroom

sensual lips
A serene relationship goes especially from the bedroom. Oh yes, because it is under the sheets that you smooth out misunderstandings and quarrels more furious. How can we now also liven up the most intimate moments? First of all we must not fossilize on the usual positions, which should instead be often varied and modified, perhaps even with some small game or role reversal. Do not put the vetoes matter but try rather to expand your horizons looking to experience the most absurd things, giving life to your most hidden dreams and unbridled. You'll see that your partner will be thrilled by all these novelties and, of course, will be too;)

seduction games

Sexy bra
Go with your partner in a lingerie store where you choose to buy the whole thing for each other, perhaps sbirciandovi the curtain of the dressing room during the test of this or that slip. Share these moments of playful intimacy in a public place tickle the fancy of the male, reviving so too self-esteem and the desire of women to indulge. Betting everything on a beautiful sexy lace outfit that highlights your strong points, and then show you in all your splendor once will drop the sun and you'll be back with your man, within the walls of your home.

Preliminary table

Lady and the Tramp
Before reaching the bedroom stuzzicatevi with an aphrodisiac dinner where there will be no need to oysters and champagne, just even a simple pizza to rekindle the passion, the important thing is to exploit it in their favor. Imboccatevi, share the same piece of food, or, as in Lady and the Tramp, you could also play with it, and then riavvicinarvi in ​​a kiss tasty. No need for ice and olives in pure style 9 ½ Weeks, to rekindle the passion of a pair, just very little (if not a massive dose of good will).

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