Conflictual mother-daughter relationship

Mother daughter relationship

Always this kind of relationship triggers feelings of dependency that children be strong obstacle to their independence. mother's friend or mother parent?

I think this is the dilemma every mother struggling with a daughter who is growing up; friend to get trust secrets or parent to instill wisdom?

different situations

At the beginning every mother tends to have a relationship with your child real addiction, often considering an extension of herself. The relationship you have with their mothers as adults, depends largely on how you have lived with her for years tormented and tumultuous namely adolescence; There is in fact the mother who tends to instill guilt in the child, causing her submission is frustration with the classic "moral blackmail"Type I never call, never to see me walk, etc; in this case the daughter will find the detachment stage and very hard even when you will be able to create a family, the mother of the figure will be ubiquitous hindering sometimes the couple's relationship.

There is the mother who tends to oppose at every change and transformation, resulting in feelings of young anger is hostility; it will grow so taking totally opposite roads to those suggested by the mother and try to sever permanently the relationship in the long periodo.C'è the mother who does not share anything of her daughter, leaving her in confusion and without safe driving; in this way it will grow without reliable reference points and will find it very difficult to establish healthy personal relationships with other people.

Importance of the mother-daughter relationship

From this brief review we see how important it is for growth and psychological well-being of a child the relationship that you are living with their mother.

Sometimes going in later years, mother and daughter find themselves and their relationship will tend to balance, especially if the years have been far and their personalities have developed independently and without obstruct.

The mother is a source of nourishment, joy and misunderstandings... In fact, there are few mothers who manage to step aside; more often than not arrive even to be rivals, especially if the age difference between mother and daughter is little, but the result of this unhealthy behavior will have serious repercussions on the psychological sphere of his daughter.

To live so serene daughter at some point will still have to break off and go to meet life on its own, this remains the greatest achievement for both.