Age difference in love

Couples on vacation
Couples with age differences

Love is the eternal question age difference. It was once believed that the man should be bigger than a few years, the gap should not exceed ten years and the women who were with younger men were rare and frowned. What has changed now? Well love is always love, surgery and beauty tricks have made it more charming young skins, faces and bodies that once would have deteriorated quickly, we are more sports, tonics, more motivated to not grow old.

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Love and feel young today seems easier
Generational classes have come closer thanks to social media, smartphones, technology and society in general hyper speed that characterizes us not only in the Western world. Be in step with the times has now become a matter of will, not more than chronological age; several generations have more in common and ease of sharing in terms of social interaction. Events and local, as frequented by a certain clientele, are not exclusive of one age group, but are suitable and open to those who are attracted by the theme or atmosphere of an evening.

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Adolescents who mature quickly
The girls who mature earlier

It was said - and it still says - that girls mature earlier, not only physically, but also intellectually, developing personalities that before adolescence come off faster from the child's world than male peers to enter the sphere "woman". This rapid development and emancipated, now devoid of social taboos and barriers, leads inevitably to grow up quickly - often too much - and to be attracted to a partner who has the most experienced, who can teach and introduce higher modes and environments, terms of years of evolution, not to mention the father figures that these adults can inspire. It is always beneficial this accelerated growth? Are really more mature men who invaghiscono younger girls? Not always the answer is obvious. If there is enough love and maturity on both side, the story is here to stay, otherwise it is an adventure passing and, still, a wealth of experience.

Men with younger women

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When he's with a younger woman
The cliché par excellence is that of men, usually troubled by the "crisis of the door," that break a historical wedding to start a new life or a relationship with a younger woman, because this contributes vitality, carefree and especially youth. It seems that men are more distressed the idea of ​​growing old: perhaps prove less with surgery and aesthetics (although they are catching strides) but suffer the most. They are more sensitive to those things that is not socially more appropriate to, the attires that change, environments and events that you attend less and domestic tranquility that brings boredom and routine. In general, they are more fearful of change and abandonment of youth was, would remain the eternal kids. A man who goes to a girl or a young woman She begins to dress more sporty and casual, to abound the staid and professional attitude that has characterized his chronological maturity and is attracted to a lifestyle free time of the generations that precede it. The fear of aging and the desire to stop the flow of the hands and the weight of the commitments and the desire for lightness, led him to emulate younger men.

Women and the toy-boy

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Demi Moore with her former husband Ashton Kutcher
And women? They are not afraid of getting old? Of course you do, but if you notice the actresses interviews that the pass mark of 40, all say they feel better, to have an awareness of mind and a wisdom that leads them to err less and know right away what they want. Women are more courageous in front of the passage of time, although aesthetically they are more subject to an obvious aging and have more opportunities and tools to decelerate the signs of aging, are more optimistic towards life experiences that have taught them something fundamental . So the mature woman, forties and fifties, who feels more self-confident and determined, assumes a special charm, contagious, that attracts people who encourage you, even those younger than this awareness have not yet reached. It is cruel to say that the toy-boy are a whim of the fifties emancipated, to Sharon Stone for instance, or demi Moore (Examples in the world of celebrities abound) because it would be an understatement. As well as men, women also have desire for freshness and novelty, to attend different worlds and generational environments that enable them to still feel beautiful and sexy.

Age difference: 10, 15, 20 years

It has a tendency to say that up to 10 years the difference is not clear, although an older woman a decade ago more than a stir him, old legacy of a cliché to extinguish. Being young and bring their good years can be "rejuvenated" by five years or more in the eyes of the observers and the distance between spouses thins. Another issue is when you go over, although more rare: what about a he or a she who as many as 15 or 20 years more than the other? Could almost sembrarne father (most frequent case) or mother and affinity couple can be, and sexual chemistry? They are passing the unions so far apart in terms of age?

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The age difference between a couple?
For some women the reassuring presence of a father figure may actually encourage the continuation of a long-term relationship; for some men the natural tendency to recreate a breast of the woman can produce dynamics that instead him away by the attraction of the couple and this need will also meet with peers and with younger women. Are different the role and expectation placed in a larger partner, from a male perspective or female. In addition, the categorization by sex is reductive: it is not always the need for a reassuring figure to trigger the attraction to a man or a woman with later years, often intellectual maturity individual leading him to seek affinity with generational upper classes because the comparison with his own is unsatisfactory.

Dad senior with baby in her arms
Become a father after 50 years
The question children in a pair

Even more delicate is the subject children to such a different pair. Often the biggest partner has already had a family, many times with older children, and what we want to create is a different family environment. In a situation where she is younger, the need of the woman's maternity emerges and man can find himself to be father in old age, when maybe could already be a grandfather. The possibility of being re-parent It strengthens the desire of youth that took him to union with a younger woman, even though social hardship can weigh considerably and should be dealt with fortitude and determination. In the reverse case, however, the nature interposes the biological age of the mother as the increased difficulty in conceiving, although women, recently, become more and more mothers agedIf man does not have an urgent need to have biological children with partner, it must be ready to accept a simple life as a couple, considering the age difference that is steadily increasing with time.

The recipe for lasting love

We get to the point: how to prolong the relationship of a couple that in the eyes of all is not balanced in terms of age difference? Stating that feeling, when it pure and sincere, just to ensure eternal happiness, is illusory. The difference counts and it is manifested in the attendance of their friendships, social spheres, the working environments; becomes an obstacle when there are grown children, perhaps almost the same age of the companion or partner of a parent. With the passing of time, one of the partners get older before - enters in old age - and the other is still inevitably younger, the difference of age is manifested most visibly even when health is. In this case, the cohesion and harmony of the couple that are put to the test, which exceed or less strangers looks and judgmental of others, accept differences in taste and views, which will soften or stiffen to meet all ' other. As in all pairs - but this even more - the balance, the love and reward commitment efforts to hold together a relationship that, if it's destiny, will last.