5 Tips for the couple on vacation


Finally it was time to go on vacation: sun, sea, relaxation and ... your boy! The holidays are the perfect opportunity to discover the relationship of the couple and have fun together, reinnamorarsi, but also ... fight! Here is a useful guide for surviving the holidays to two and keep your bangs couple.

1. Choose the right destination: It seems like a small thing, but to choose the vacation spot is critical because everything is successful. If you have desire to a comfortable all-inclusive resort and instead he offers you an adventurous holiday in a tent, eventually you'll end up fighting and you'll come back more stressed and nervous than ever. On the contrary try to talk, express your wishes and make yourself agree.

2. pack also brings your irony: always remember that you're on vacation then abandon the stress and anxiety that accompany you throughout the year between traffic and work, but rather let go. Tries to grasp things lightly, do not turn upon you and even if your partner does something that bothers you have a laugh and let go, a dip in the sea will be enough to calm the anger!

3. Leave it all behind and just think about you two: you're on vacation and you two are: the sun, the sea or the mountains, and lots of fun, you do not need anything else to be happy. So relaxed and freed of all the accumulated nervous, leaves aside the tensions and enjoy the moment. Dedicated to the couple and rediscover your love for your partner. Do something together, it's a nice walk on the beach or in the woods, a swim or a game of cards, but also Set aside space for yourself by relaxing the body and mind.

4. Experience also under the sheets: the holidays are also a time to relax and try new things ... even in bed where you and your guests can rediscover him differently and rekindle the passion, especially if your relationship lasts a long time. In addition you, tanned and quiet, without the anxiety of the alarm the next day, you will feel more beautiful and sexy.

5. Make good use of the phone: do not remain attached to your smartphone even when you're on the beach to watch the emails and messages with her friends, but sfruttalo positively to photograph the most beautiful moments, turn funny videos and capture memories. When you get back from vacation, watching those shots will recover all the positive emotions you felt and you will feel better, even if it is a moment no, and the partner has made you angry.