5 Things to know about cats


Love dogs? You have decided to get one but it is the first time and you have so many doubts? UnaDonna explains things to know about domestic cats, where to get them, how to look after them, cuddle them and how to get them to play.

Cats Gift

If you want a purebred cat, you should contact to a herd (on the internet contacts found). If you do not want to spend so much but rather look cats as gifts go to the kennel or cattery in your town. Many advertisements are also found on the web, published on social networks or portals like kijiji or e-Bay. In both cases, the kitten must have completed the weaning because the mother passes antibodies to the puppies through the milk. When you move the puppy too early, you will get sick more easily.

hypoallergenic cats

hypoallergenic cats and cats pregnant

Do you want a cat, but someone in the house is allergic? There are the hypoallergenic cats as the Siberian. The allergy is given by a protein present on the hair, the Fel d1, which, however, the Siberian cat produces in minimum quantities.
In addition to the allergic, the cats are feared by pregnant women for toxoplasmosis, a disease that can cause death of the fetus. It is caused by a parasite and is said to be transmitted from cat. Actually the contamination can only happen if it has to do with the feces of an infected cat and the parasite can get into contact with humans through raw meat.

the litter

cat litter
Cats do not need special care: feed them regularly, make sure to have water in the bowl and brush the hair frequently, especially if you long to prevent the ingest during cleaning. In most cats are not to be taken out to make the poop because they use the litter box. How do they know? It is one of the teachings they receive from their mother. If you do not put the kitten in the litter box and gently let it scrape with her paw. Will understand what his "bathroom"!

The cats and purring

Many cats do not like because they think they are little company. You were wrong! Cats need of affection and love to be pampered. They want their spaces, but know how to be sweet and often express their happiness with purring. They are vibrations of the vocal cords and are used to communicate to the animal. They make the kittens during lactation to make it clear to her mother that all is well. The adults do when they are relaxed, but also when they are sick or to show submission to another animal. It is interesting to know that purring cats are good man. According to recent studies, these vibrations would lead to the production of serotonin, the happiness hormone, making us feel more relaxed and optimistic.

cats purr

The games of cats

Cats love the cuddles but also play. Anything on the go (even your legs) will be a valid excuse for ambushes and jumps. Moreover, it is also through play that animals in the wild learn to hunt. In the market you will find various types of mice, balls and structures but you can also create games for your cats. Try a classic ball or leave unattended paper bag of fruit or vegetables ...