5 Phrases to extend beyond the end of a love story

get over a broken love

There end of a relationship It is never something simple and painless, whether it be of to leave or to be left. Of course, if you're still in love with your boy and you were not expecting this surrender, the situation is even more complicated. Here we explain how to deal with the end of a love story, ripetiti in your mind these tips and follow step by step our suggestions to return strong and happy forgetting your former.

1. Desperate and vented: lui has just left you and you're really desperate. It is normal, especially if you still love him, so do not try to suppress pain or to cast it out, live it to the full. This time it is absolutely necessary. Let it out, cry, desperate with her friends and spends his time moping, eating ice cream and watching movies. You'll see that in this way you will overcome more quickly the end of love and you can move on.

2. Process the feelings: After you've destroyed for days through tears is time to come to terms with yourself and with your story. He was really as perfect as you thought or there were things that just did not go? You were on the happy serious and satisfied from your report, or you wanted better? See the story in a detached perspective will help you overcome everything better.

3. Turn yourself !: After the period of tears she came to the rescue. Now that you are alone, by a jolt to your social life, get out more, attend the friends who first heedless because of the boyfriend, changes its look changing color is haircut, but above all give yourself a little 'shopping which is always very therapeutic.

4. Begin to think only about yourself: it is time to put your needs ahead of everything after being neglected for a long time. We women often when we are in love we tend to put the needs of the partner on top of everything, leaving out what we really want. Then go eat at this Indian restaurant that he hated so much and where you've never gone more, enjoy a day at the spa and put that short dress in the closet because you kept your ex was jealous.

5. Closed a door opens a door!: Started a new season for you, then thrown into the singles and fun world. The end of something always means the beginning of something else, and why not admit that it will also be better? So you go out with someone, you flirt with a man you like, accepts appointments and accept the court of some cute guy. Maybe it will take time, or maybe not, and who knows maybe soon you will find a new love.