5 Good reasons to make the first move

woman makes the first move

Tradition has it that to make the first move is the man, but there are interesting reasons to also encourage women to "start the dancing." The game between male and female has changed today compared to the past: the separation of the sexes is less strict and the two roles have common traits, intersect in family life and in the torque ménage. As it is not strange then that a man take care of the housework and their children, it is equally conceivable that the first move is to make the woman, who is finally more free to express his emotions.

The male loves winning but not all are equal and even in the most traditional cases the element of surprise might pleasantly surprise. If we do not want to venture anything concrete, it will be nice for him to understand by gestures and winks of the eye that can groped a more meaningful approach. By doing so we will respect the game of roles, but we had a part of decision-making, which is good for our self-love. If the relationship will continue after the first meeting we will maintain easily a vantage point for the initiative that we had at the beginning.

Beyond the established rules have to add that anyone who is sensitive to the attention of others: to surprise the man who interests us with their kindness might make him feel loved and at the center of the situation. It might even be admired by our decision and intrigued by the courage by which we show our interest. Who would not like to feel an object of desire?

make the first move
Being outside the box is another piece that we could use on this funny love checkerboard approach: do not follow the rules established, be free to express their emotions is very charming for men and women, although, as always, must not exceed. The extremes of too daring behavior may in fact do run screaming in fright, just like a too shy and introverted attitude would distance him from boredom. The "advances" excessive are heavy and do not show the best side of the person who is doing it, that maybe is under stress because of the fear of losing the person of interest.

In making the first move never forget the seduction, which is an art typically feminine and that will never change, despite the progress: we measure our actions with wisdom, we stretch a little 'waiting, we wink to make us want, just like it has been since the dawn of time.