10 Things that men can not stand women

things that they hate uomni

The things that men can not stand women They seem to many: according to them some attitudes are heavy to tolerate. From the female point of view, however, the situation does not improve, because many are the aspects of the men who, in turn, women hate and would like to delete.

If the fair sex gets angry especially for the neglect and selfish gestures, men become irritated instead for social traits and quirks typically feminine:

women shopping mania
- the long waiting times before exiting you are in their view really exhausting

- the mood swings related to menstrual cycles are unknowable mysteries even to the patients

- L 'excessive talking a couple or with friends can be classified as an annoying noise which decreases attention, creating a terrible vicious game of insistent questions

- the constant excuses to avoid sex They are deadly, because they are considered symptoms of an intolerable waste. Everyone reads the relationship with his meter and the male is very much based on physical attraction.

- Most people can not digest exaggerated passion for shopping, which can involve them in kilometric walks, significant spending and endless expectations.

- L 'insistence on fitness is a fixation that men do not care, because all much prefer a relaxed and serene partners to a supermodel perfect and stressed

- Men not so much interested in the physical defects, because the charm is a combination of many ingredients, but do not stand in front of the neglect in hair removal

- L 'compulsive order and cleaning mania are concepts incomprehensible to some, especially for people who are accustomed to having at home a person who magically rearranged and replaced the dirty clothes with scented linen

- the talks about ex-boyfriends represent the anti-aphrodisiac for excellence: to insist too it is tedious and may indicate a feeling not exceeded.

- Some detest scarce skills in the kitchen, because the seduction, who worship suffering, could already start with delicacies that are a foretaste of the appetizing below.

The difference in perspective in identifying defects probably depends on the difference between the two sexes, and sore point with vital energy for the life of the couple. When, however, be different entails hardships and sorrows for each other, then you should run for cover, remembering the feeling that unites and trying to find the right patience, that does not mean defeat. Finding a healthy balance you can accept the most innocuous aspects and combat the most annoying!